Want to Make Your Wedding Stand Out? Try These Extra Touches!

Every wedding is special, in its own way. If nothing else, it’s a pretty big deal for the people getting hitched! But then there are the weddings that are objectively jaw-dropping. They’re the ones that seem to have those added details that just make the day stand out in a sea of wedding days. The good news is that all that’s required to have a day like this of your own is just a little bit of time and effort. Below, we take a look at some useful tips that’ll have you on your way to a day that all of your guests remember for a long time to come! 

Slices of You 
Here’s the thing about weddings: they’re all “unique” to some degree, but if we're honest, there are many more things that unite all weddings than set them apart. Even if they look good, they’re not always that unique. So for your wedding, look at bringing your personality to the fore. This, after all, is your special day. While it’s not always possible to incorporate your interests and personalities into the party, they’ll be more ways than you might think. Let it be a true celebration of who you are! If you're a fan of bright colours, choose one or two and use them in the flowers, the bridesmaid dresses and decorations. You don't have to stick to muted pastels! You could even bring in a unique accessory or piece of jewellery. It could be anything from piece of Disney jewellery brought to life (if you're passionate about the movies) to a unique family heirloom. 

Bring the Colour
Most weddings seem to follow the same basic colour regime. It’s all white, white, white, with a sprinkling of pink, and well, that’s about it. For your wedding, why not do things differently, and unleash all the colours of the rainbow? Fill the spaces with balloons, flowers, streamers, and so on. Of course, you’ll want to know what you’re doing, such as what colours go together and which don’t, but once you’ve got that down, feel free to play around and make your space look classy yet alive.

Fun Additions
You’re going to have a DJ keeping the crowd on the dance floor. But what about some other fun additions you can bring to the party? There are plenty of options available to you. You can look at a wedding photo booth hire, for instance, and have all your guests take photos mid-party. They’ll love getting in front of the camera, and you’ll love having all those photos that commemorate your special night. Remember, too, that some people can be a little self-conscious when it comes to getting on the dancefloor. Have some inflatable instruments and microphones available - they’re an awesome, colourful prop that even the serious dancers will enjoy having.

Communal Babysitter
Children can be a welcome addition at a wedding, of course, but sometimes they can subtract a little something from the event, especially if it means some people have to go home before they really want to go. You can take care of this issue by hiring a babysitter for your wedding. When the kids are done with the party, they can go and rest, and the parents can stay knowing that someone is looked after their little ones. It’ll help to ensure that the party can go on all night long.

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