Budapest - In the Middle of European Party Euphoria

Situated in the middle of the European continent the city of light and baths invites you for Budapest stag do adventure. Even in the desperate times for this part of Europe this city never lost its party glow and today represents one of the biggest European party strongholds. Find out how in constant rivalry with Prague this city tries to outshine not just Czech capital but also every other major city in the world. 

Breathtaking sights that breathe with glorious past 
Budapest stag do weekend is one of the top choices for all bachelor crews that want to blend into European party euphoria as well as meet its turbulent history in one place. Among all European residents, this is a well-known city with a high level of national identity. But, for all none European visitors, Budapest always represented the breathtaking avant-garde capital with elegant bridges and even more beautiful vast 19th-century buildings. All of that and even more of cultural heritage await you during your stay. The calm Danube river splits the city in half creating two parts of the heart that beat as one. We are of course talking about the romantic Buda and somewhat more modern Pest. Both parts of this amazing metropolis are filled with attractions and historical monuments that are worth visiting and learning about. For starters, Hungary used to be part of a Habsburg and Austro-Hungarian monarchies that gave this world the most extravagant cultural heritage. Everywhere you start walking in this city you will still have a chance to breathe the spirit of a once glorious empire that left permanent marks around every corner. One of the most recognisable examples of this can be witnessed while taking the famous Danube river cruise and taking a look at vast parliament building from the river point of view. It is the same sight that adorned the most famous postcards from Hungary for centuries now. Residents of this city surely have the unique opportunity to spend their days in baroque architecture that can be found all across the city. Needless to say that for many visitors Budapest leaves an impression of being one giant museum that leaves them with thousands of photographs taken during their visit. 

Stag do getaways in Hungarian style 
The cultural rich streets of Budapest also house some of the top-notch catering Europe can offer. Both Buda and Pest are filled with traditional restaurants and cafes that resemble colorful spirit of Hungarian hospitality. In the urban part of Pest, you will find numerous modern and stylish open cafes that many American and Asian visitors like to visit just as they arrive. They find them unique and relaxing since these types of cafes are unique to the European continent and fun with relaxation is exactly what everyone should expect from them. Pubs and bars where hard as well as light drinks are served with very affordable prices should mark the great starting point for your Stag do adventure. Here you can plan your days in Hungarian powerhouse as well as prolong your hangover in a hardcore European way. Daytime usually starts with getting in touch with Hungarian cultural heritage as well as with the visit to Tropicarium. It is Europe's largest indoor aquarium with an observation tunnel that has become the most famous Instagram spot in this city. Famous bachelor daytime attractions such as Paintball, Shooting ranges, wild races as well as provocative poker games with your personal stripper-server are just some of the favourites. You will be amazed at how fast the time will fly before the sun sets and the real bachelor hype gets underway. Budapest offers a great opportunity for both rich and budget travelling bachelor crews to enjoy evening time in some of the Europe's most provocative clubs. 

Partying Hungarian style
Everything you heard about the party in Budapest is probably true. In fact, most of the partygoers of Europe come for a couple of times again just to be sure that everything that happened was real and not some sort of hangover illusion. This party hub will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. There are options to have a luxurious party that will start by renting a limo and finishing who know where in the morning hours. Or, you can enjoy your bachelor party fever in less costly clubs with amazing DJ sets and hundreds of easy-going Hungarian ladies. Options to have fun here are virtually endless since no one knows for sure how many parties are organized every week, not even the city officials! That is exactly the kind of party spirit that you should expect from this party stronghold in the middle of "Old continent". And for all that is worth your memories of Budapest stag do weekend will remain with you long after shouting that faithful "Yes"!

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