Considering Lasik Eye Surgery? Here's What You Need to Know

Millions of successful LASIK eye surgeries have been conducted across the world, ever since the surgical procedure was introduced nearly two decades ago. LASIK refers to laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, and it is recommended to treat astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. Most people use contacts or prescription eyeglasses to deal with these vision problems. However, an even better solution would be to use the LASIK procedure to modify the cornea’s shape in the eye and thus eliminate the need for wearing contacts or eyeglasses. Find out the top things you should know about Lasik eye surgery here below.

What Is The Recommended Age For Eye Surgery?
Between the ages of eighteen and forty years is considered the ideal age for eye surgery. However, if you are above that age, it's still worth going for a consultation as everyone is different and you might still be suitable. Your eye surgeon will conduct a thorough test to check whether you are eligible for the corrective surgery. You will find that the criteria for confirming eligibility and likelihood of success of the Lasik vision correction will depend more on the comprehensive eye examination and your individual visual needs, rather than age.

Is It Painful?
Lasik vision correction is a relatively pain-free medical procedure. The eye surgeon will use numbing drops for anaesthetizing the eyes before and also during the process. Once the surgery is completed successfully, some patients experience mild discomfort around the eyes that lasts for a few hours.

Is The Surgery Done While You Are Awake?
Interestingly, Lasik eye surgery is done while the patient is awake and that fact usually makes some patients feel a bit afraid. However, along with numbing eye drops, the surgeon will often give you a sedative to help you stay calm. Even if your eyes move during the procedure, the laser has tracking abilities to follow that movement so there's not so much pressure on you to remain 100% still!

Who Is It For?
This eye correction surgery is for those people who want to live independently without using contacts or glasses. Today, Lasik technology and results are much better than they have ever been along with a considerable amount of clinical literature and research that backs up the procedure. So, you should feel confident about Lasik eye surgery to deal with your vision problems.

Is Lasik Effective?
Lasik is not only safe but also highly effective. Thousands of clinical studies have revealed that the procedure has a high patient satisfaction rate of over 96%. Most Lasik patients report having better vision as compared to when they were using their eyeglasses before the surgery. Additionally, in over 40 million Lasik procedures, no blindness case has ever been reported as all patients have recovered successfully.

Does Lasik Have Side Effects?
Just like any surgical procedure, you can expect some mild symptoms as you heal after having your Lasik eye surgery. Some of the symptoms include irritated or light-sensitive eyes and dry eyes. However, most of these side effects will go away after the application of eye drops during that recovery stage. Ensure you consult your doctor regarding your symptoms when going for your post-Lasik checkups.

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