Festive Food: Three Ideas For Christmas Party Planning

One of the very best things about Christmas is getting to see our loved ones. Sadly, many of us don't have as much contact as we'd like with the ones we care about. We all lead busy lives, and finding the time to socialise can be tricky- but throughout the festive season it's nice that everyone really makes an effort to spend time with those that matter. One great way to get the people in your life together, eating, drinking and generally being merry is to throw a party. And entertaining truly is one of the joys of adulthood, being able to host food and drinks at your home is incredibly rewarding (and is a nice way to socialise when you no longer crave wild parties and clubs at the weekend!) If you're planning on hosting some kind of get together this December, here are a few directions you could go in. 

A Luxury Party
If you love a little luxury then Christmas is certainly an opportunity to go all out. If you really want to knock your guests socks off then there are plenty of ways you can bring in a luxe feel. Start with your dinner table, decorate it to a high standard using your best crockery and glasswear. Order a luxury festive centrepiece made of fresh flowers from your local florist, and add a touch of glamour with details like crystal candlesticks. You can have place settings custom designed and personalised which is another small way to impress your guests, and shows that you've really thought about everything. The food is possibly the most important element so is something you'll want to get right, if you want to present a meal that's really going to make an impression, search for high end venues like The Grand Hotel and take inspiration from their menu. If you're not much of a cook yourself, you could even have caterers come in and bring your vision to life. And of course, no party is complete without drinks flowing! Champagne is the ultimate in luxury, but you could always turn it into champagne cocktails to make it go a little further. 

A Budget Party
If a high end get together isn't within your budget (or just isn't your thing!) you'll be pleased to know that it's perfectly possible to do things without spending much. One way you can really keep costs down is to throw a potluck party where each of your guests bring a bottle and a dish they've cooked. You all get to sample each others cooking, there's plenty of food and drink to go around and there's no major expense on one single person. The best way to throw a successful potluck party is to assign starters, mains and desserts to different guests. That way you ensure there's a good mixture. If you ask guests to give you an idea ahead of time of what they plan on making, you can check there are no doubles, or even triples of the same thing! Another way to keep costs down is by going buffet style. There are loads of ideas on Pinterest for finger foods, they're not expensive and are always crowdpleasers. Think sandwiches, pastries, bowls of crisps, cakes and more. If you ask guests to each bring a bottle of spirits, you could provide lots of mixers, fruit juice and cocktail toppers (such as lemon slices and glacier cherries) and you'll have an impressive looking cocktail station. Print out some cocktail recipes or place a cocktail book nearby, and let people have fun mixing up their own drinks!

A Themed Party
A theme always gives a party that little extra ooph, makes it memorable and can help to break the ice. You could throw a onesie or pyjama party. You could throw an ugly Christmas jumper party, or allow any kind of festive fancy dress. One fun idea is a chocolate factory style party, you could even have a chocolatier come in and offer a masterclass as part of the entertainment. There are loads of directions you could go in, and adapt the food and decor to match. Themes are always an icebreaker and get people chatting, and make your party a little more special. If you're inviting friends from different areas of your life and are worried about people mingling then this is a guaranteed way to get people talking and having fun.

What kind of parties do you have planned this festive season?

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