Present Perfection: The Best Experience Gifts to Buy For Your Mum

For most of us, our mum is one of the most important people in our world. They're selfless and caring, and throughout our lives have pushed us to do our best, picked us up when we've been down and sacrificed a lot to make sure we've grown up happy and healthy. And so when a special occasion like Christmas rolls around, it's lovely being able to treat them and give something back. While there are lots of beautiful gifts you can buy in shops that are perfect for mums, a particularly good choice is an experience day. It's a chance for you both to spend quality time together, make memories and just have fun. If this is the route you're planning on going down this Christmas, here are a few ideas to choose from!

Afternoon tea
Afternoon tea is something I've really got on board with over the last year. It makes the perfect daytime date with your partner, or a meet with a girlfriend or family member. It's elegant, nice and quiet and would be an ideal gift for most mums. What I've discovered is that everywhere you go is so different. I've had everything from very classic afternoon tea to American style (complete with slider burgers instead of sandwiches!) and patisserie style which focused mainly on the sweet treats. This old tradition has gained so much popularity again that it's something that most cafes and restaurants offer these days- you can even have them at some garden centres, on boats and much more. One place worth checking is Groupon, you can usually find good local deals, and it can introduce you to places you might have never thought to go to. 

Spa day
There's nothing quite like a pampering day at the spa. You and your mum can enjoy a dip in the pool, a selection of beauty treatments and a tasty light lunch. It's the perfect, relaxing girly day that just about everyone will enjoy. If you ever find yourself needing a spa break in Cheshire, well known spa brand Champneys have recently opened one at Mottram Hall hotel. With a big spa brand like Champneys you know it's always going to be good, and the fact that it's set in gorgeous surroundings is even better. Ideal for me, as I'm in the Midlands it's only an hour's drive away!

Salon treatments
Another idea for a pamper day could be to book salon treatments for you both. You could go to the hairdresser for a conditioning treatment and a trim. You could have a facial, have your nails done or a lash and brow treatment. These kinds of things give both of your self esteem a boost and it's a perfect way to spend a day together if your mum enjoys maintaining her appearance. You can chat and have a giggle while you're being beautified.

Mini break
If your budget is a little bigger, how about booking a mini break? You could find a stunning hotel in a place she's always wanted to visit, it could be either in the country you live in or overseas. Spend the day shopping, exploring the area and enjoying delicious food before heading back to your luxurious room. If you search for deals and do some research you can find it's not as pricey as you think. Some hotels will even offer a dinner and/or breakfast as part of their package.

Maybe your mum isn't materialistic and so finding a gift is tricky, or maybe she seems to own everything already! Perhaps you just want to give something a little different this year. Either way, what a great way to spend time together and enjoy each others company.

Will you be buying an experience gift for your mum this Christmas?

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