Why Are Harnesses Better Than Collars For Walking Your Dog?

Every dog owner at some point or another has had to figure out which is better between a harness and a collar when it comes to walking their pooch. Often, the choice is determined by factors such as the dog’s age, breed and how active they are- but it's worth knowing all of the facts so you can make the best choice for your pooch. Here are some of the reasons why harnesses are a great choice. 

Prevents neck strain
Dogs on walks tend to be excited and full of adrenaline. This means that they can pull on a collar and potentially strain their neck, and not even feel the pain until they're back home. Dogs naturally hide their pain well, just because they don't show it doesn't mean they don't feel it. And all of that pulling will most definitely be hurting their neck. 

Prevents them from escaping
A harness tends to give more control. If your dog is jittery for example, they might be able to slip out of a collar. But as a harness is fitted across the body and legs, it's far easier to escape from. A dog slipping their collar on a walk is extremely dangerous, if they run into traffic for example it could have disasterous consequences. 

Great for training
Sometimes harnesses promote pulling, this is because they can pull harder without hurting themselves like they would with a collar. For this reason it's important to train them, start when they're very young and when your dog begins to pull, stop walking. Don't continue until they're calm. Teach them a command such as 'stop' or 'wait' for them to stop pulling so they understand what you want them to do. 

Ideal for old, young or dogs with medical conditions
If your dog is vulnerable due to their age or a medical condition then a harness will be the best choice for walking them. It will prevent pain and injuries from pulling on the collar, as well as coughing and choking. In some breeds (such as pugs and french bulldogs) excess pressure on the neck can also cause their eyeballs to protrude from their socket which can cause all kinds of problems.

Harness can be front-attaching or back-attaching- front-attaching tends to be more effective larger dog. There's a wide selection to consider from JugDog where you can get the best-reviewed harnesses available on the market.

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