Newly Engaged? It's Time to Tackle Your Wedding Planning!

woman with calendar and pen planning her wedding

Planning a wedding can be quite the undertaking. You tend to fantasize about the big day, think about how wonderful everyone will look and that moment when you and your partner exchange vows and rings. And there is nothing wrong with dreaming about those memories to be, but once the clock starts ticking and you find yourself within months of the big day itself, it might be time to get in gear and sort out any last outstanding bits. Here is a few do’s and don’ts that can either ruin or make your big day.

Get organised and start planning
Meticulous planning is everything. If the thought of checklists and organizers fill you with intense happiness, you should be fine on your own. If you know you are a scatterbrain, you might be wise to bring in a friend who can take control for you. Just be sure that if the latter is the case, to be willing to let go a bit. Get yourself (or your helper) an excellent wedding planner or a wedding ebook. At the start, things will look like an impossible puzzle to solve, but as you start checking off tasks, things will start coming together. With the planning, make sure to set yourself a reasonable budget and try sticking to it. Getting many quotes and early on gives you the chance to maneuver and adjust or negotiate. One of the most common mistakes is not budgeting enough for entertainment or a wedding photographer if you choose to have one.

Decide on a photographer
Speaking of the wedding photographer, this is a regular point of stress. Photographers usually take a decent chunk out of your budget. Make you sure you do your research and go with someone who comes recommended. Study their portfolio and ask for one if their website does not provide you with enough information. Have a conversation with your potential photographer and explain what you like and not like. It’s essential that when the day comes, the photographer knows what’s expected and can do his or her job freely. And be cheeky, ask the photographer not to drink any alcohol during the bit you are paying him/her for. Obviously, once the photos are taken, the celebration is open for everyone.

Work out which style of catering you'll choose
Most venues will have their own catering possibilities. Food & drinks usually come into three tiered packages. In most cases that will be fine and an easy solution that checks of that task. If you want to veer off the standard choices, consider getting external caterers. In most cases, it would be good to check with the venue if that is a possibility. A modern approach is to hire several food carts that can feed your crowd. On a budget? No problem. How about DIYing your own buffet, rope in friends and family to help. Make some tasty sandwiches, cakes and savouries. Cook up some seasoned chicken and decorate platters with salad leaves. This can save you significantly.

Choose your theme and colours
One last thing to do is pick a theme for your wedding. Having a specific theme helps with the build-up to your wedding and gives your guests a way to participate more. You could go with your favourite sports club, a hobby that you and your partner share, or a specific fashion style such as the 60s or rockabilly, it will add that little bit extra to a day never to forget. If you want something more subtle, how about a shabby chic theme with wildflowers in mason jars on tables, or a Hollywood glam theme incorporating sparkle and diamantes?

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