Five Tips for Looking After Your Hair

woman with blonde hair in the sunshine

As the saying goes, 'hair is the ball gown you never take off'. It's one of the first aspects of a person you notice- the length, the colour, the way it frames their face. It accounts for so much of your appearance that it's really no wonder that a bad hair day can equal a bad day in general! It's your job to start looking after your hair, we've all been guilty of mistreating our locks when we're young but now it's time to start giving it the love it deserves. When you run your fingers through it, do you want to feel as if it’s brittle, dry and straw-like, or do you want the infamous commercial like hair? Of course, everyone would choose the latter, and here are four tips for how you can achieve it. 

Understand the type of hair you have 
Everyone has a different type of hair, and this speaks to more than merely the length of it. Is it thick or thin? What about curly or straight? Is it damaged, does it get greasy easily? Once you understand your hair type, it's easier to find products targeted for it and you can build a haircare routine that best works for you. 

The right shampoo and conditioner 
Think about the last time you went to your local store, and how there were countless shampoo and conditioner options to choose from. When you are faced with so many, how can you be sure that you are selecting the best possible one? The fact of the matter is, you must read the fine print on the bottles, as well as look at online reviews for what others are saying about them. For instance, if there are already recommendations for fine hair shampoo online, and from credible sources as well, it would be worth it to look into that brand with more detail. 

Hold back on hair dye 
There are many ways that you can damage your hair, one of them is using too much hair dye. While there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself with the colour of your hair, you shouldn’t over-do it, or else your hair will become dry and take years to go back to the healthy length you once had. It's always best to go to a salon if you fancy a change, they will be able to achieve your vision without causing damage. An extreme hair change might take a number of appointments where it has to be done in stages.

Consider your hair's needs based on your age 
The older you get, the harder it can be to ensure your hair stays exactly the same as it was when you were in your youth. It will likely to start to thin out, but more than that, you may even need a hair transplant. Balding is something that is prone in some more than others, and you may be wondering at this point, just how much is a hair transplant? There are plenty of companies, all around the world, that specialises in this procedure. For instance, while Vera Clinic is based in Turkey, people from all over the world go to this country for this reason, as they are becoming renowned in the medical field for it. 

The more you take care of your hair’s health now, the easier it will be to maintain it for many years down the line. If you are ever in doubt about the specifics of what you need to do for it, you can also ask a professional hairstylist for some advice. Your hair is always something worth investing in, as it’s a part of your body that when properly looked after, makes you look and feel good.

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