How Do You Choose a Good Dog Food?

The same way most people would look out for the right food with the right nutritional content of their diet is the same way most dog owners try to find the best foods for their dogs. While the market is flooded with a variety of choices, you need to know which foods will keep your pet safe, healthy, and strong. This is an important decision and to do this you need to know your dogs’ needs. However, it is not such a simple choice to make and can be quite difficult. You might spend endless hours and even months searching for the best and perfect dog food if you have no idea what to look for. With so many foods containing preservatives, you need to pick the right ones with natural preservatives like tocopherols and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) that help your dog's food stay fresh. That’s why below we’ve put up four things to look for that will ensure that you find quality food that is genuinely good for your dog’s stomach, immune system as well as a healthy, shiny and sleek hair coat.

Ideal protein content
Proteins in dog food come from various sources which include chicken, beef, and salmon among other types of meat. To ensure that the protein in your dog's food is ideal and enough, check the ingredients list.

Adequate oils and fats
Although sometimes these are considered not healthy for your dog, oils and fats are necessary for your dog food because they provide energy, flavor and also promote vitamin absorption. They will also help your dog maintain a shiny, healthy coat. Choose dog food containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Grains and carbohydrates
Grains produce carbohydrates, which are great for energy, especially if you have an active dog. Apart from that, they improve your dog’s digestive system, ensuring they are in good health. Look for grain-free options. However, in case your dog is allergic to carbohydrates, try other options such as soy,  beans, rice, oats, corn or barley. Dogs that are allergic tend to lick their paws due to itching and scabbing, if you're not sure however, consult your vet.

Vegetables provide the essential vitamins and minerals for your dog’s wellbeing. But, try and avoid vegetables like onions, garlic or mushrooms since they are highly toxic to dogs. Find dog food that is within your budget with the right ingredients based on weight. It’s best that you choose a dog food with meat or meat meal as the first ingredient since dogs are omnivores. It’s only under extreme circumstances, for example where your dog has bad allergies should you, feed you feed your dog a vegetarian diet.

Consider including a compilation of Farm Food in your dog food. Check the rest of the nutritional information on the package. Some have a statement that gives instructions to provide complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance of adult dogs, all life stages or puppies. It’s also best to look for the AAFCO statement on the back; since AAFCO’s high standards ensure that the nutritional value is always present.

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