Making Fitness Part Of Everyday Life

It’s crucial that everyone takes part in regular exercise; it’s good for the body and for the mind (your mental health really can benefit from a good exercise regime). Yet it can be difficult to ensure that it becomes part of your everyday life and fits easily into your current routine, and this is why exercise can sometimes become less of a priority. Here are some useful tips on how to make fitness part of your everyday life so that you don’t miss out and you can enjoy the benefits that a healthy lifestyle brings. 

Know that the small things add up  
It sounds like an obvious idea, but it’s amazing how many people ‘forget’ to move about during the day. Moving more means that you might go for a walk during your lunch hour, or walk or cycle to work or school rather than drive. Parking farther away from the entrance to a shopping mall or your office building and walking a little more that way, or taking the stairs rather than the lift will also work well. Even small movements such as walking over to see a co-worker and ask them a question rather than texting or emailing is a good start. 

Keep a fitness diary 
You are far more likely to exercise if you put it in your diary and make it part of your weekly routine. This way, you can plan it in advance and make sure you leave enough time for it, plus it means you don’t double book; this is an important appointment that you will need to keep if you want to stay fit and healthy (or get fitter and healthier) so treat it like you would a meeting at work, or a deadline that you need to hit. It’s important to put yourself first when it comes to your health. If that means saying no to overtime or giving up your exercise time for something else, then you may need to do so. Getting fit and healthy needs to be a priority. 

Find an activity you genuinely enjoy 
Everyone is different and enjoys different things, so what your best friend or partner likes to do for exercise might not suit you. If you try it and don’t like it, don’t let that put you off. Search around until you find something that you do enjoy, or even love so much that it becomes a hobby you can’t wait to take part in. There is sure to be something that catches your attention. You might like going to the gym for a workout or attending an exercise class. You could try running or cycling, or go with swimming if you want something super low impact that still gives a cardiovascular workout. Sports like boxing and martial arts are also worth considering. 

Plus there are plenty more ideas out there once you start looking. If you become really interested in fitness you might even look into studying a PT Course by OriGym; making your career one that revolves around fitness means that you can get healthy without even thinking about it since it’s what you will be doing all day. 

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