Other Drivers Hate It When You Do These Five Things

We all know that driving can be a stressful experience, especially during rush hour traffic or driving around places you're not familiar with. But it can also be an annoying one too. In fact, you can be annoying other drivers without even realising- other road users tend to hate it when people do these five things.

Driving Too Slowly
Driving slowly might seem like the safe option. But if you ask other drivers what they think of your behavior, they’re likely to say that they find it seriously annoying. Other drivers have places to go, people to see, and they don’t want you slowing them down. Drive at the speed limit, going much slower can cause accidents where people are having to overtake constantly

Beeping Your Horn
So, you’re at the lights behind another vehicle, waiting for them to turn green. The lights turn green, but the car in front doesn’t immediately start accelerating a split second later. You then begin pumping your horn as if it’s the end of the world. Suffice to say that other drivers don’t like this. Sometimes it takes up to a second to depress the clutch and put the car in gear so it can set off. It might seem like honking is a friendly reminder that it’s time to go, but it’s not.

Being A Daredevil
If you want cheap car insurance now and forever, then being a daredevil, probably isn’t a good idea. You know the type of behavior I mean. Weaving in and out of traffic, cutting people up on the inside, and screeching around corners on country roads. It’s unnecessary and dangerous so perhaps best to stick with regular, defensive driving.

Multitasking While Driving
You might think that you’re a fantastic multi-tasker. But drivers who fill their hands with things like cigarettes, food and mobile phones aren’t concentrating on the road, and can’t react quickly. Lots of people try to multitask behind the wheel with devastating consequences. Lorry drivers have been known to eat their breakfast cereal on their laps, complete with bowl, spoon, and fresh milk! But doing things like this can impair your concentration and lead to accidents.

Picking People Up On Busy Roads
You might think that stopping to pick somebody up on a busy road is doing them a favor. But it’s not a lot of fun for the people behind you who have to wait while you play the taxi driver. What’s worse than picking people up off the road? Spending five minutes having a conversation while you do. The discussion can happen as you drive. It doesn’t have to spill out onto the road. It might seem that what you have to say is important, but other people on the road have places to go and people they want to see. Should they have to put up with being queued up waiting for your conversation to finish? No, probably not.

Do you do any of these things that could annoy other roads users? 

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