The Signs and Symptoms Of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning can happen quickly, and can sometimes be difficult to spot- especially if you've been drinking yourself. It can be incredibly dangerous and even fatal if you don't seek medical help quickly enough. It's easy to get carried away on a night out, but would you know the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning if someone in your group started presenting them?

The official location page of the rehab centre states that dizziness is one of the signs of alcohol poisoning. Most people that are drunk will be a little unstable on their feet, but falling over or being so dizzy that they can't get up isn't normal. If this is happening on a regular basis, it's worth considering rehab. 

They Act Sleepy 
It's not uncommon for people who are drunk to get home and fall asleep, however someone who is actively trying to drink more and is also acting sleepy should be stopped. It might be more than just drunken sleepiness, it could be that they are losing consciousness, and their body is breaking down. Be aware and watch over your friends, these symptoms are easy to miss if you are accustomed to people getting drunk and falling asleep around you. 

Intense Vomiting 
Most of us have woken up after an evening on the drink feeling (or being) sick. Alcohol is an irritant and irritates the stomach lining, along with changes in blood sugar levels, hormones being thrown out of whack and lack of sleep, its no wonder it can make us feel nauseous. However, extreme, intense vomiting should never be ignored. If they're vomiting before they even get to bed, you need to ensure they don't choke in their sleep. If they're unable to take in water the next day and still feel extremely bad, it's time to seek medical help. 

Inability To Speak 
Slurred speech might be common, but being so drunk that they're unable to speak properly or communicate isn't a good sign. If they're showing other symtoms of alcohol poisoning, get them down to the nearest A&E or all night clinic for help. 

Being too drunk puts people in a very vulnerable position. Keep an eye on your friends, make sure everyone is kept safe and gets home. If you're noticing that they're regularly drinking to a stupor, you could have a chat and suggest they seek help. It's not just alcohol addiction that's a problem, binge drinking can be very dangerous and those that binge drink often aren't addicted. 

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