Excellent Equestrian: Things to Consider When Purchasing Horse Riding Gear

Are you planning on taking up horse riding? If so, one thing to be aware of when you're considering costs, is that this sport requires you to own a number of pieces of special clothing and equipment.  It's vital that you're outfitted correctly before you get onto horse, since it's both yours and their safety at stake. It's not always a case of hiring equipment, as these things need to fit perfectly- you'll probably need to shop around to find the very best pieces for you. Here's what you need to purchase if you're thinking of taking up horse riding as a hobby.

Riding hat
Riding hats comes in various shapes, and even fabrics. Since you are a beginner, be sure to opt for safety over aesthetics, ensuring that the riding hat does what it is supposed to. You should always go for one that meets the current safety guidelines and comes with a padded lining, be wary of buying cheap imitations from overseas such as those sold on eBay and Amazon. The riding hat’s padded lining allows the hat to adjust itself to the shape of your head and will provide you with a better fit, than otherwise. You can also opt for hard riding hats as well. Check out some of the local equestrian shops and tack shops and try to locate a professional hat fitter who can provide you with helpful suggestions. 

It's important that you have the right footwear on before you get on a horse. What you have on your feet will both protect your foot and provide you with better grip in the saddle. There’s no point in wearing your Nikes for your horse riding lessons; you need good quality horse riding boots. You can go for the long or the short Jodhpurs, whichever is your preference. Make sure that they're not too restrictive and that they don't cause unnecessary chaffing on the inside of your leg. 

Riding gloves
These form one of the most important aspects of any equestrian clothing or accessory that you'll need to  purchase. A good pair of riding gloves can help protect your hands, they can help prevent blisters and calluses from forming on your hand as you hold the reins to the horse. A good pair of gloves will also provide you with a firm grip on the horse so you can properly control it. There are more than a few branded riding gloves but the ones that you require are the ones that come with reinforcement, right where you hold the reins with your fingers. 

Body protector
Being a beginner, it's smart to purchase a body protector. This will protect your frame from any sudden impacts to the body as a result of a fall from the horse. Before purchasing your body protector, make sure that it comes with adequate certification and with professional fitting so that it contours well around your body.

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