Fantastic Fireplaces: How Can You Make Yours Look Its Best?

homely looking fireplace with white wooden surround and rustic bricks

Your fireplace is always going to be a dependable source of heat, and if you go with something like a wood-burning variety it can significantly reduce your heating costs too. However, its out-dated design can be a huge eyesore in the room since fireplaces make such a statement. There are several ways for you to improve your fireplace’s appearance, here are a few to consider.

Taco Quartz Tile 
A great way to update your fireplace is by simply covering it with tile. Yes, that's right- it's that straightforward. You'll just need a cement backer board to create the smooth surface needed to mount the tiles. But by adding this, you get to skip the rigorous task of having to add layers of mortar in order to create a level surface. Easy peasy, as long as you have a tile cutter it's something you can probably do yourself. There are plenty of DIY guides for beginners on Youtube.  

Brick Slips 
You might be wondering if brick slips for fireplaces doable, it's a question that many homeowners have asked for quite some time now. Fortunately, the answer here is a big YES. Brick slips installation has become a sure-fire (no pun intended here) way of adding character and warmth. Best of all, they're not that expensive these days- you'll likely be surprised by just how cost-effective they are. Brick slips are so easy to fit and install, you can even choose from a variety of colours making your design options more flexible. They're the perfect way to making your fireplace look more unique and eye-catching. 

If you're unconvinced by the prowess of brick slips for fireplaces, there's no need to fret. One of these is known as the waterfall. The idea here is to add a stone veneer directly to your fireplace. Many stone veneer products come with an interlocking system that means it can be fitted without mortar. Not only is stone veneer inexpensive, but it is also proven to be much lighter than other materials. In fact, if you compare it to the likes of real stone, it's said to be half the weight meaning it offers you a much easier installation process. And if you compare it to traditional natural stone cladding, the cost is not really that high. 

Go Eco-Friendly 
It's easier than you think to make eco-friendly fireplaces these days. One is to go for the one that utilises bioethanol, as it's already considered to be extremely environmentally friendly. There's a huge benefit to using this type of fireplace, basically, it is incapable of producing smoke so you don't even need a vent system. Saves you money and helps the environment- what could be better?

Paint or Art 
Sometimes, there's no need to change the materials of your fireplace. A good workaround is to either update it with paint or a piece artwork. For instance, your plain fireplace can be updated with a modern rustic makeover, only requiring you to paint it white. From there, you can hang a painting above it. It is simple yet eye-catching!

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