Five Reasons You Need Plantation Shutters For Your Glass Doors

white wooden plantation shutters opening up to a sunny back garden

Plantation shutters are rapidly growing in popularity thanks to their aesthetic appeal. Sure, they are best known as window treatments, but they have become a thing for patio and sliding glass doors as well. And while the expense could make some individuals look for other alternatives, there are various compelling reasons to opt for them over mini-blinds or drapes. Not only do shutters come with a clean look, but they are also quite appealing. And believe it or not, they can increase the value of your home if you decide to put your property on the market. This alone makes it a worthwhile investment. If you are unconvinced by the prowess of plantation shutters, then you have come to the right place. Here are reasons why you should consider installing them. 

1. Aesthetics 
There is no doubt that shutters are attractive. They come in different mounting options, sizes, and finishes. As an interior design choice, you can never go wrong with them. They are able to fit in with just about any look and/or d├ęcor. You can either go for a natural stain or paint them white for a much traditional look. Keep in mind that these shutters are seen from both the exterior and interior of your home. 

2. Privacy 
If you want to give your home added privacy, you can always decide to install plantation shutters. Since they can easily be adjusted in order to let the light flow in, you are able to keep any prying eyes much like those regular mini-blinds. Not only do they give your home the much-needed light, but they also provide you with privacy. And if you angle them in a certain manner, you are able to see what is outside while disabling others from seeing what is inside. 

3. Ventilation 
Seriously, who in this world does not want to let the fresh air inside their home? Like any homeowner across the world, you want your home to be filled with quality air. This is exactly what plantation shutters bring while maintaining your privacy. Even more so, you can adjust them for the ultimate privacy and adjust the flow of light inside. It holds true that you can do the same with mini-blinds, but remember that open windows tend to pose a problem. And what is this exactly? Well, they simply rattle blinds due to the airflow itself. But not with solid shutters – they do not come with this type of issue. That is why they remain an ideal choice, let alone their ability to make no noise. Shades, blinds, and other window shutters or door treatments often flutter, bank, or clank in the wind. Moreover, shutters are not that difficult to adjust. All you have to do is grasp the crossbar and adjust the shutters. 

4. Easy To Clean 
Yes, that is right – plantation shutters are extremely easy to clean. Heck, they are even maintenance free! You will just need a damp cloth and off the dirt, but you really do not have to do this from time to time. They barely suffer from grime, dust, and dirt, among many others. What is more, there is no need for you to take them down just to have them cleaned, which can really be exhausting and time-consuming. Again, all you need is a quick wipe down and that is pretty much it. 

5. Durability 
Remember why these shutters are considered a worthy investment? Well, it is due to their durability. They are simply built to last, unlike those traditional options. Plus, they usually come with some sorts of warranty. And since there is no need for you to replace them every few years, you can easily see that your investment has paid off over time. In fact, if you try to determine the cost involved on a yearly basis, you will be surprised that they are a bit less expensive as the years go by. With mini-blinds and drapes, you have to replace them periodically; otherwise, you will suffer from their inefficiency. This is not the case with plantation shutters, though. 

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