Summer Could Come Early - Are Your Ready?

The weather has warmed up, the skies are blue, and the sun finally reappeared - fingers crossed it’s going to stay that way, and hopefully we’ve seen the last of the really cold weather. Either way, it’s good to think positive and looks forward as even if summer doesn’t come early, time does fly, and it will soon be upon us, so are you ready?

Maintain Your Maine
The summer can damage your locks, so the healthier your hair is before the summer, the less the sun, chlorine and sea salt can destroy it. Start now by making a habit of deep conditioning your hair once a week, using either a handful of coconut oil or a hair mask.

Scrub Your Skin
Get into the habit of scrubbing your whole body now. It might seem tedious, but it does make a big difference not only in the overall health of your skin but also in its ability to absorb moisturising products. Shaving your legs will also be a whole lot easier too.

Stock Up On Essentials
The sunscreen products and other cosmetics that you relied on last summer will likely have expired, so before everyone rushes to buy sunscreen, stock up now. You might even be able to get some good deals too. It’s not just personal care you could stock up on now either; you could purchase a fan if you need one, summer clothes and shoes might be cheaper and then when those beautiful sunny days are upon us, you’ll be ready. 

Get Party Ready
You never know when a sunny day could crop up, and if you want be able to throw a spontaneous barbecue or garden party, make sure you’ve got stuff in to be able to do it. Make sure your barbecue has had a good clean and is free from rust, your outdoor furniture isn’t damaged from the winter, and your garden’s in good condition. If you were thinking of getting a new lawn this year, now’s the time to do it or if you were going to buy a new barbecue, now’s the time to do it. Get the best deals before the rush is on a hot weekend.

Love Your Feet
At the moment when your feet are covered, you don’t have to bother with your toenails; however, if the sunshine creeps upon us, then you won’t be ready to get your toes out with your beautiful sandals and open-toe shoes. Now’s the time to be proactive with looking after your feet in preparation. Use a sugar or coffee-based scrub weekly to soften up your calluses, then slather on a heavy-duty moisturizer at night to smooth cracked heels. If you put socks on straight away, then the moisturiser stays put and soaks in, and you’ll have feet as soft as a baby’s.

If you’re feeling a little sluggish after months of winter comfort food and hibernating then now’s the time to start thinking about detoxing. It could be adding a scoop of greens to your morning smoothie or experimenting with some vegan dishes.

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