The Biggest Cultural Events in the World to Get Involved in This Year

celebration event with fireworks and people dancing

We will start this article with a good old Netflix recommendation; '7 Days Out' is a great documentary which lets us have a behind the scenes look at some of the biggest cultural events in the world. And boy, are these events monumental! From Chanel’s 2018 haute couture fashion show and the League of Legends world tournament to NASA’s Casini Mission and the Kentucky Derby, these massive social gatherings are the very definition of a man-made phenomenon. Definitely a must-watch if you want to see how large-scale projects are conceived and realized. No matter where you hail from in the world, everybody loves a celebration. Whether it’s the Venice movie festival, Oktoberfest in Munich, St.Patrick’s Day in Ireland or Christmas office parties in Birmingham, all these manifestations have one thing in common - they bring swarms of people together to enjoy the perks of life. So if you have been wondering which cultural events are regarded as the biggest in the world, here are our top picks: 

The Burning Man 
Nestled deep within the Nevada desert, this festival, according to Lisa Simpson in the episode “Blazed and Confused”, is the world of anarchic free expression. Started in 1986, this event started when a curious crowd gathered around lit makeshift wooden figures, and after that, the parties have gotten wilder and wilder. With over 70,000 attendees each year, this once intimate gathering of friends and relatives transformed into a full-blown artistic bonanza that attracts communities of bohemians, misfits, and other Mad Max-esque characters. However, this annual gathering also focuses on other noble human pursuits, such as experimental creativity, civic responsibility, and mutual cooperation. 

Brazil’s Carnival is arguably the biggest party in the world, attracting nearly 5 million visitors each year. Historically, this February event started as a religious celebration, 40 days before Easter. Nowadays, Carnival is packed with half-naked dancers, party people, and legendary parades staged by notable samba schools, each demonstrating their national fame and talent. After a 2-night extravaganza, the top 12 samba schools are competing for the grand prize, which garners a staggering amount of spectators. Nobody does it like Rio! 

Mardi Gras 
Way south down in Louisiana is New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, the most famous US cultural spectacle. Some say the format of the event dates back to the beginning of the 18th century but nobody is certain whether Alabama, Mobile or NOLA was the first to hold it. Regardless of who did it first, New Orleans is the modern day’s host city of the event, which attracts surreal numbers of visitors. Private gatherings are held first and when the big day arrives, streets are completely bathed in beads, boobs, booze, and music. These parades are so contagious, it is impossible to be a spectator who is “enjoying the view” from the sidelines. 

Dia De Los Muertos 
The cult of the dead is the greatest in Mexico. It is so prominent, UNESCO inducted the event into the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage to Humanity. Commonly known as the Day of the Dead, this festivity is all about honoring the dead in a vibrant setting filled with food, art, music, and opulence. Mexican families come to burial sites where they build lavish private altars, known as ofrendas, where they put photos of their ancestors, sugar skull decorations, Aztec Marigolds, and favorite meals and beverages of their beloved deceased members. Held in vast graveyards which are lit with thousands of candlelights, this event is truly a sight to behold. If you ever get the chance to visit, these parades with authentic religious overtones that will make your spine tingle non-stop. 

King’s Day 
Last but not least is King’s Day in the Netherlands, which celebrates the royal birthday. However, until 2013, this event was called Queen’s Day, commemorating Queen Beatrix’s birth. When her son, Willem-Alexander, was crowned, the name was changed and now you will find the Dutch proudly wearing their orange attire and tossing back drinks without any care for the weather. Celebrated on April 27th, the procession starts with the official government ceremony, which is followed by sporting competitions, street parades, and family-friendly celebrations. Even if you haven’t heard about this annual event, the Dutch are sure to turn their country upside down on this date. It is mind-bogglingly fun, vibrant, and full of laughter! 

What global events would you like to visit? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to share your experience if you ever took part in some of the biggest cultural events in the world!