Cosy vs Stylish: The Balancing Act With Your Home Decor

cosy tray of candles to decorate the home

In many ways, modern homes aren't particularly cosy. Minimalism and sparse looking interiors (like Scandi decor) are very trendy, but can look a feel a little bare and cold when you spend time in them. When we're looking to create the perfect home cosiness can sometimes be overlooked, where we're so obsessed with making the space appear like it's right from a trendy home mag or instagram post. But is there any way of having both? Can it be cosy and comfortable to spend time in, while still looking the part?

Playing With Layers
One of the best ways to make a space more inviting is to add layers with a warm tone. The easiest way to do this is to add blankets and pillows to furniture. When we think of warmth and cosiness, we go for the materials that snuggle us up. A cosy rug on the floor, sumptuous curtains with lots of fabric are other uses of textiles that can really add that feeling of warmth and cosiness. 

Are You Lacking In Warmth?
You may have a lovely space, but if it doesn't feel warm, then it's time to make some alterations. If you have a floor that's made from a harsh material like stone, electric underfloor heating can be a great way to introduce that extra bit of heat into the space. Although stone materials may work wonders for the aesthetics of a space, especially in the bathroom, they don't lend themselves well to keeping the heat. Likewise, if you haven't got many touchstones of warmth, especially when you think of things like a rug, they will help on a bare floor to keep the heat in.

Use Warm Colours
The colour is underestimated a lot, and the right tone can help us to feel warmer. It's a very subtle thing, but if you want a warming feel, you should pick colours like yellows, browns, and oranges so that your space feels warmer. We can make the mistake of going for white or blue, but these bright colours aren't conducive to a relaxing mindset. According to science, warm colors often evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. Go for magnolia rather than stark white, and use a warm shade as your accent colour like terracotta, warm brown or burgundy. 

Fixing The Lighting
Just like the colours of the walls, the right lighting is vital to creating a sense of warmth within a space. Ditch the fluorescent lights and cool toned bulbs, invest in lamps to set the ambiance and smart lighting can help you get the brightness and colour temperature just right. Candles and fairy lights also make great secondary light sources for setting the mood. For a personalised touch, you could add a customised neon sign to the wall. These are great for creating atmospheric lighting, especially in a kids bedroom or theatre room.

Insulate To Renovate
If you don't have much in the way of insulation, this is a very easy fix. You can use special insulation foil to cover up trouble areas where the heat gets out, but you can also use rugs, double glazing, and insulation materials around the house so that heat stays in. You will notice the benefits when winter comes!

It's not too difficult to make a home cosier. But if you are used to a more clinical and sterile environment, especially if you pride yourself on having a showhome of sorts, all you need to do is go for these simple additions. That feeling of warmth and cosiness is something we can take with us through our days, not just keep it in the home!

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