More Than Just Clothes: Creating Your Personal Style

fashionable woman in a hat and red dress in a field of sunflowers

Although the fashion industry is dominated by the apparel and clothing, there's more to it than just this. Instead of solely focusing on your garments, there are lots of other things that come into play as well to help you achieve the overall look and style you're going for. Here are some other things to consider if you want to change your look or just upgrade it. 

1. Body Shape 
It doesn't matter if you're plus size or super slim, tall or short, curvy or not. It's all about how you dress for your body shape, and whether the pieces you choose flatter your body. If you're insecure about the way you look, eating healthily and hitting the gym is great for your overall health, and you'll probably find your clothes fit you that bit better too. This applies to everyone, regardless of the size they currently are. 

2. Hairstyle 
We all know how much a bad hair day can affect our overall day. You might be wearing a killer outfit, but if you're dealing with frizzy hair that's sticking up everywhere or limp hair that looks lank and lifeless, you're never going to feel your best. Take care of your locks with the right products, and visit the hairdresser to get a professional cut and colour to suit your appearance. Human hair extensions look natural and can give you length and volume that you might never be able to achieve with your natural hair. Either go to a salon or shop at a site like Hair Distributors and purchase some clip ins that you can easily pop in yourself whenever you get dressed up to go somewhere nice. You'll feel so much better about yourself when you know your hair looks good!

3. Accessories 
Accessories could be considered your 'apparel enhancers' if you will. Your watch, your hat, sunglasses and a scarf can all bring something extra to an outfit. It could give it a luxe feel, or be a way to bring in colour and interest to plain clothing. Accessories can make a huge difference to your overall look, and transform any outfit from just ok to great. Have fun with jewellery, play with pattern, colour and texture. Try matching and clashing accessories to see how they look and how you feel, just have fun with it. 

4. Skin 
If you're insecure about your figure, it's easy to wear clothes to flatter it and make you look your best. However, when your issue is your skin it can be much harder. It's your face people are looking at when they're talking to you, and so if you're self conscious about the way your skin looks it can massively affect your confidence. If you have an ongoing skin complaint like acne or rosacea, speak to your GP who can put you onto the right treatment. Otherwise, stick to a skincare routine to maintain your skin and keep it at its best. It's why you need anti aging creams, lip balms and face masks, these products can target your skin's imperfections, protect it against further damage and even minimise existing damage.

5. Attitude 
Fashion is all about making a statement, but if you want to push the boundaries and really be yourself with your style, you'll need the attitude and confidence to pull it off. This is what will make you a trend setter or just enable you to rock whatever outfit or look you're going for. Keeping your confidence high when you wear a your outfits is so important. 

The next time you go shopping, don't just think about your clothes. Consider how all of the elements of your personal style need to work together to create your overall look.