Which Languages Are Really Worth Studying at University Level?

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University is a time to learn vital skills to help you progress up your career ladder. While you may focus on expanding your knowledge of your chosen discipline, whether it's marketing, IT, humanities, or another degree, there are a variety of additional skills highly recommended to learn. One of these skills you should learn to broaden your horizons is a language. Which language you choose to learn is, of course, up to you, but there are a number which will open doors to brand new opportunities throughout both your career and your life. With this in mind, below we explore three languages you should learn while you’re studying at university to boost your prospects. 

Mandarin is one of the most widely-spoken languages throughout the world, which makes it an ideal second language to master. For those who wish to enter the world of business in particular, this language will enable you to approach the Chinese market to expand your horizons. What’s more, when you choose to learn Mandarin in a dedicated evening class, you have the opportunity to practice the phrases and dialogue with fellow learners, helping you grasp the nuances much quicker. For those interested in learning this crucial language, it’s important to note that its not as challenging as previously thought. There are no plurals or conjugations to master, and Mandarin uses a simple numbering system, which is also applied to dates and times. 

The alluring language of Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and many more South America countries is, understandably, one of the most widespread dialects in the world. There are, in fact, 21 countries across the globe who officially speak Spanish, with an incredible 41 million people in the USA alone who speak Spanish as a first language. It means that this language is one which will truly take you places! In addition to the many countries in which you will be able to converse in comfortably, Spanish is also a great language for transferable skills. What this means is the nuances, phrases, numbers, and words you learn during Spanish, you will easily recognise should you wish to pick up Portuguese, Italian or French as a third language. Furthermore, Spanish is also the third most common language on the internet, which makes it a recommended choice for those wishing to make their mark in the e-commerce or digital marketing world. 

Much like Spanish, German is a language which isn’t only spoken to Germany; you will find it widely spoken throughout Central and Eastern Europe. However, the travelling opportunities aren’t the only reason why German should be on your list of languages to learn. This country is the third largest economy in the world, which also makes them the economic centre of the European Union. Due to how influential Germany is in the business world, many companies are now seeking fluent German speakers to join their ranks, making it a great career path for those who hope to travel and see more of the world. Additionally, for English speakers, German is very similar in structure, making it even easier to learn. 

Learning a language while at university is a perfect way to expand your horizons and broaden your career path further. While any language can be seen as beneficial, the three above are particularly sought after for business owners worldwide.

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