Time For Uni? Here's How to Prepare Your Teen

teenagers with smartphones sat outside university building

Sending your teenager off to college can certainly feel like a daunting experience. They’re hardly able or willing to prepare dinner for themselves so how on earth are they going to manage all on their own? As a rite-of-passage, this is something your teen should be going through - but, by preparing them slightly, they might have a better chance out in the big world. Here is a handful of tips on how to get your teenager ready for university and a bit more grown up as soon as possible. That way, you can feel a bit more relaxed and your teenager might be able to stay out of both debt and trouble until they’re completely grown up.

Teach them how to cook
Ever asked your kid to prepare dinner for the family, just to see them heat up a frozen pizza? Chances are that this is what they’ll be living off unless you put some serious effort into teaching them how to actually cook. They might not enjoy it, in the beginning, but when there’s no other option than to cook up a meal, they’re going to be very happy that you taught them how to make it tasty. Plus, you’re also ensuring that they’re not spending all of their money on takeaway. Start the cooking lessons by teaching them how to make cheap and healthy meals. Eggs, chicken, and canned tuna should be their go-to food in order to save money - and teach them how to shop in bulk when they’re on a budget as well. You can always pay them a visit on campus as well, though, to see how they’re doing and if they’re actually living like decent people; have a look at Mighty Student Living and you should be able to find some great places for your teen. 

Teach them essential budgeting skills
Did you know that most people start their money trouble as soon as they’re off to college? With so many fun alternatives and happenings, it’s difficult to live the way a student is supposed to live; if not exclusively on instant noodles, then at least within their means. Too many students take the opportunity of getting a credit card and max it out by the end of their first term. While you can certainly start to teach them proper budgeting skills as early as possible, it’s never too late - and even a grumpy teenager will be happy to know how they can save up for that holiday with their friends as soon as possible. Teach them how to make a budget and stick to it, first of all, before moving on to the more complicated stuff. This is vital to staying financially healthy throughout college so make sure they understand how important it is.

Teach them essential chores
As parents we want to wrap our kids up in cotton wool even as they get older, and being the nice parent that you are you might have always done your teen's laundry for them, their ironing, you might even clean their room for them. However, by stopping doing these things you help to teach them responsibility. Knowing how to look after themselves and the place they're living in is important, it' not going to be ideal for them if they move out not knowing how to operate a washing machine, get stains out of clothes, iron bedding or other essential tasks people need to know. 

Now all you need to do is lean back and feel the silence at home. At least you know that your teenager has all the tools necessary in order to succeed - and that they won’t blow their entire budget on takeaway food either. 

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