Trending Bathroom Design Ideas for 2019

modern bathroom with a bright and airy feel

Bathrooms are often one of the most difficult rooms to design in your home. They tend to be small, and unlike other rooms you can't just move things around to switch up the layout. On top of this the decor needs to be able to handle being wet and steamed up on a regular basis so lots of traditional decorating methods are out. With it being such a well used room, it's really something that you want to get right- and it's tempting to want to rip out the entire thing and start from scratch. But that's not always essential, as long as your bath, toilet and sink are in good condition (and aren't in a funky old shade like avocado green!) you can modernise and improve it with a few changes here and there. Here are some gorgeous, on trend ideas to consider.

Beautiful Marble Vanities 
Marble has been a very popular material for bathrooms for decades, since it’s a high-end material with timeless appeal. However, marble has recently come back into the limelight and is something we're seeing more and more in the home. Marble is available in a wide range of beautiful colours, it's very easy to clean and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Just be aware that since marble is a natural stone, harsh chemicals may end up damaging it over time so regularly wiping it down with warm, soapy water is the way to go. If you want to go really trendy, pair up your marble vanity with some copper accessories- and then get it up on Instagram where it belong- insert heart eye emoji here!

Mood-Setting Recessed Lighting 
Recessed lighting is very common in interior design and is frequently used in bathrooms and kitchens. In addition to recessed lighting, a secondary task light can make things like shaving in the morning much easier. One of the great things about recessed lighting is that it can be focused on specific areas of the bathroom and can be linked to a dimmer switch enabling you to set the mood. When you're considering lighting ideas for your space, keep in mind there are numerous light fixtures you could go with. Some recessed lights are truly recessed into the wall and the fixture has minimal visibility. Others have a visible frame that may be available in a wide range of finishes and some even have a bulb that extends beyond the ceiling’s surface by a few inches. It all depends on the kind of style you want to create. 

A Beautiful Spacious Mirror 
Oversized mirrors are a popular home design statement in bathrooms. Looking at it from a functional standpoint, a large mirror makes it easier for you to get dressed, do your makeup and generally complete your daily grooming as you can see much more easily. From an aesthetic aspect, a large mirror reflects the light in the bathroom and makes the room seem much brighter and more spacious (perfect for 'the smallest room in the house'). The mirror can reflect light into areas of the room that are poorly lit, and can have a direct and beneficial impact on ambiance. 

Practical Double Sinks 
If you’re designing a master bathroom, the use of double sinks can be a wonderful addition. They give you the flexibility to have your own space when getting ready in the morning which can make your routine quicker as you're not waiting around on your other half! The design and material for your sinks should be well thought out and based on your bathroom’s design; vessel sinks situated above the vanity have been popular for several years and continue to be a good choice for bathrooms. Similarly, flush-mount sinks are a great option as well. Just replacing the sink to a double vanity will be much cheaper than replacing your entire bathroom.

A Gorgeous Walk-In Shower 
If you have the room available in your bathroom, why not consider a spacious walk-in shower? It can  be a terrific way to add an elegant vibe to your bathroom, you can even find functional and aesthetically appealing shower drains that blends right in with your design these days. If you hardly use your bathtub you could consider switching it out to a large double shower instead to make better use of the space, otherwise a small corner unit could be squeezed into a moderately sized bathroom depending on the layout. 

Decorative Porcelain Tile Floors 
When you're looking for a floor for your bathroom, don't just consider it’s style but its functionality as well. You need a floor that will match your bathroom’s design and also do well in high traffic areas. The flooring material you choose should be reasonably safe to walk on when wet and shouldn’t be prone to damage when exposed to water or a high amount of moisture. Porcelain is a dense material that’s not as porous as many other types of tiles. This means it’s less likely to get stained or damaged compared to other flooring materials. The original glazing technique for porcelain floors during the manufacturing process ensures the durability of this material and makes it one that can truly add value to your home.  

Remodelling a bathroom can be a frustrating and time consuming process. Even a relatively small decision about a particular material for your bathroom can affect your bathroom’s overall appearance and functionality. Be sure to research materials carefully and have a good understanding of what you’d like your bathroom to look like before making any design decisions. If you’re unsure about a certain style choice for your bathroom, it’s always best to get help from a professional who can help you bring your ideas to life in a realistic way. 

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