Unraveling The Layers Of Our Subconscious – Dreams, Psychics And More

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The subconscious mind is absolutely fascinating. It makes up a massive part of who you are as a person, while still remaining something as a mystery- even to ourselves. Ever wondered why you have the habits and obsessions that you do, why you respond to things in a certain way or why you  have certain compulsions that you can't actively control with your conscious mind? The power of your subconscious mind would really surprise you, however it tends to gets drowned out in our daily lives. The material problems are loud and take up all our mental space. There are lots of psychological techniques that can help you to uncover the way you work and what's going on in your conscious mind- but if you're open to a more spiritual path, you could also consider psychics and tarot card readers. Many people believe these can be mediums for you to reach your dormant self, and find the instincts and intuitions that will help heal you and go in the right direction. 

The Power Of Dreams 
According to some schools of thoughts, dreams can be psychic too. The details in our dreams provide incredible proof of how little we understand our consciousness and our place in the universe. I'm hugely interested in dream psychology, I have very vivid dreams and always try to understand the symbols within them. If you're having strange dreams and want to know what they mean, or even repetitive dreams then seeing a psychics could be one way to connect your subconscious vignettes with real life. 

Could A Psychic Reading Help You? 
As with anything spiritual, you have to be careful when it comes to psychics. While very clever in their own right, some can give the impression that they know more than they do by reading body language and other clues. If you believe in other-worldly abilities and want to have a psychic reading done, do you research carefully. It can actually be really useful to get word of mouth recommendations, ask friends and family if they've ever visited a medium and had a good experience. A good reader will surprise you by giving details of things that you didn't actively share with them, including who you are as a person and information about loved ones that have passed. 

Psychics Can Help You Gain Perspective 
Psychic readers can help us gain a perspective. Modern lifestyles have left us with a myopic way of thinking; we tend to forget the larger context of events that happen in our lives and can be bogged down by depression about things we can't control. A good reader  can help to illuminate the larger possibilities that your existence holds for you. Maybe the heartbreak you experienced will lead to joy in the future – the job you lost will open up a new avenue for you. A psychic reading session offers you that extra vision – it guides and consoles you at the same time. 

Are psychics real? My views are that I'm not an avid believer, although I'm open to the idea. I've had a number of close friends who have had fantastic experiences with psychic readings, and it's definitely something I'd consider myself if the opportunity came up.

What are your thoughts?

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