Cool Safety Features I Want on My Next Car!

woman with a mint green fiat 500

Technology has completely shaped the world around us in the past few decades- everything from healthcare to home security to the way we work and socialise is all vastly different to what it once was. Technology in cars is beginning to catch up, with newer models boasting some really cool features that not only make them nicer to drive, but safer too. I drive a 2003 Volkswagen convertible beetle, it has no fancy features on whatsoever and isn't the easiest to get around in for this reason. So next time I buy a car, these are what I'll be hoping it has on it!

Reverse Camera
You'll only have passed your driving test if you successfully completed a reversing maneuver, however it doesn't mean you're an expert by any means. When you're out by yourself, reversing can be a different story. Your driving test won't have been done in a busy car park or street where there are lots of distractions and pressure from other drivers. This is something that really did (and still does!) stress me out about driving, my local supermarkets are always rammed and getting out of the car parks is always a headache where people are impatient. But it's not something you can rush, the last thing you want is to come flying out and hit someone or something. Reverse cameras give you full visibility so you can confidently reverse and be able to get yourself in and out of any tight spot without a queue of motorists beeping at you to hurry up. I'll definitely be looking for this feature in my next car!

Automatic Lights
If there's one thing that has the potential to cause accidents it's not being seen by other drivers. It's surprisingly easy to forget to adjust your headlights, I've done it a few times. I've stopped to get petrol or go into a shop, come back out and have driven off, forgetting to put them back on. All it takes is for those few seconds of driving before you realise for a potentially dangerous accident to happen. When you're looking to get your first car, something with automatic headlights that will adjust themselves means it's one less thing for you to worry about. LED tail lights which switch on automatically when they're needed will make you more visible too, even in low visibility conditions. Sites like have more information about this feature.

Lane Keeping Assist 
A vehicle with a lane keeping assist feature can help to keep you and other drivers safe on the road. If you start to veer out of your lane it will let you know so you can adjust your position. You shouldn't be fiddling with things like your radio, temperature controls or sat nav while you're driving, but sometimes it's unavoidable. This feature can help to keep you safe if your eyes are off the road for a second or two. 

Blind Spot Monitor 
Visibility is important, and - unless you know your car inside out and have driven it for thousands of miles - you probably won't know where your blind spots are located. You can't be prepared for every event, so help monitoring your surroundings with features like a blind spot monitor is never a bad thing. At the very least, get yourself a blind spot mirror so you can see more when you're turning or moving. When you're pulling away from the side of the road or turning, you might not be going very fast but you could possibly hit someone else that is. There's also the risk of hitting a cyclist or pedestrian- so better safe than sorry. 

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