Hair Colors of 2019 | According to Style Icons and Catwalks

Experts from the hairdressing world confirmed that the fringe is back for dominance this year. Analyzing the trends that have begun to predominate both on the catwalks and in the streets. Thanks to the recovery of the aesthetics of the 80s, professionals in the sector have seen how women begin to incorporate haircuts that cover part of the face and opt for different styles like the bob or the half mane. 

The Shades “of Love” Will Prevail 

With each season the trends in hairdressing are modified adapting to a new predominant aesthetic, a transformation that also affects hair color. Since the natural tones replaced the hairstyles carried out by misuse of different hair accessories and contrasting colors, the trends have opted for a neutral image that doesn't have the days numbered. And the most important style icons in the world have confirmed that the red will be the most outstanding hair color of 2019. During the last red carpet of the Golden Globes, the reddish one took a leading role and a large number of guests opted for colors that adapted to the skin tone and the face itself. Among the different attendees, Emma Stone returned to bet on the redhead but this time he opted for a more natural tone. The actress was one of the first to leave behind the chestnut to provide a point of light and contrast through different degrees and reddish tones. It's safe to conclude at this point that copper and red hair colors will replace the predominant natural colors from recent years. One of the most important keys to incorporate the new trend is to take into account the variety of their own color. Although with a game of dyes and hairdressing techniques, you can get a more or less intense tone that complements the type of skin, features such as makeup will be increasingly used.

This Season Is in the Sign of Dye Experiments

Among the different versions of dyes that achieve a uniform effect, the hair color of the influencer Miranda Makaroff and the actress Emma Roberts is a clear example of how to take the trend to the extreme, by means of a saturated and lively finish. In the case of Jessica Chastain, the actress also follows the same aesthetic but lowers the intensity through a coppery tone. Although the majority of followers of this trend are inclined to dye their hair completely, some experts recommend choosing more natural tones such as copper and allowing a game with chestnut. In this case, one of the most followed styles is the choice of a natural and nuanced base that incorporates reflections or gradients of a stronger tone to provide a point of light as shown by the actress Zoey Deutch. Beyond the skin tone, it is important to take into account other aspects such as eye color to choose the type of color that best suits each type of face. For women with white skin and light eyes, the use of reddish and contrasting tones with a clear base is recommended. In the case of darker faces and brown or black eyes, mahogany and chestnut-colored shades with orange luminous spots become the option with the best result. 

In Conclusion:
Judging by the catwalks and the representation of fashion divas, the red and copperish colors are here to stay for this season. Maybe this is the right moment to be brave and finally change the color of your hair, like you always said you would. It takes a certain level of confidence for a lady to “turn red” all of a sudden but the can be so refreshing that you might stick with it for a long time! Do not hesitate to experiment this season and as always ask your close friends about their sincere opinion.

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