Improving Your Appearance Doesn't Always Mean Surgery!

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For many years, it was almost automatically presumed that if someone was considering ‘having work done’ on their face, it was some kind of surgical treatment that they were contemplating. However, technologies, innovations and trends in the world of cosmetic treatments have evolved considerably in recent years. Just consider the 2018 Aesthetics Trend Report from the online marketplace for cosmetic treatments and professionals RealSelf, for example. Based on U.S. consumers’ behaviour trends when using the RealSelf site, the report found that consumer interest in minimally invasive cosmetic treatments outpaced interest in surgical treatments last year. So, what are some of the widely available and trusted treatments showing that no, you don’t necessarily need to go ‘under the knife’ if you are looking to enhance the appearance of your face with the help of a responsible clinic? 

Anti-wrinkle treatments 
Whether you know them as anti-wrinkle injections or simply a Botox treatment, there’s no question that these procedures have captured the imaginations of beauty enthusiasts around the world, including many celebrities. One reason for such popularity is that these treatments can be suitable for a broad range of ageing concerns. You may be in your mid to late 20s or 30s, in which case, anti-wrinkle injections can help to prevent or slow down the development of lines and wrinkles. Or maybe you’re a little older and would like to address a low or drooping brow that is giving you a tired and angry appearance? Yes, anti-wrinkle injections can be invaluable for correcting that, too. 

Dermal fillers 
Again, dermal fillers are a treatment based on injections rather than surgery, and may be sought to tackle all manner of aesthetic worries, such as wrinkles, fine lines, scars, folds or dents. The extraordinarily natural and youthful results that dermal fillers can provide is explained by the fact that they consist of a naturally occurring hyaluronic acid (HA) gel that helps to restore the levels of this substance in your skin. As you age, your body doesn’t produce as much HA, which can cause your skin to become drier and wrinkles and lines to emerge. A dermal filler treatment, then, could be instrumental in making your skin look younger. One especially popular option is the eight-point facelift, which involves the injection of dermal fillers into eight different points on the face. 

Lip fillers 
Once more, we’re in the territory of injections with this treatment, which targets an area of the face that you may overlook until you suddenly realise that your lips lack the volume and definition that they might have once had. As with any other cosmetic treatment, though, things can go wrong if lip filler injections are carried out by an irresponsible clinic. That’s why you should only trust facial aesthetics practitioners who will first provide a consultation and consider your medical history and suitability for this treatment. What do you make of the burgeoning popularity of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, and are there any that you are especially considering for yourself this year? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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