Take The Stress Out of Buying a Home by Finding a Good Agent!

new homeowner holding a house key

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy your own home? Maybe you’ve rented for long enough and are fed up with wasting your money each month, or perhaps you're planning on settling down and want something to really call your own. Maybe your mum just wants you off her couch that you’ve been sleeping on since finishing uni! There's a lot to think about when you're buying a property, it's not quite as simple as looking at homes for sale and picking the one you like the look of. You need to save for a deposit, apply for a mortgage and sort out all of the legal stuff. It's worth  looking for a reputable real estate agent who knows what they're doing and can walk you through the process, as let's face it, it's not exactly the stuff they teach you about in school. But you're not expected to know it all, here's how your property agent can help you.

Great communicator 
A reputable real estate agent knows that in buying or selling, time is of the essence because the housing market is extremely dynamic. Your estate agent will be on top of changing situations and can inform you of what's happening so you stay updated. They're able to liase with other party and find out what's going on so you're not left in the dark. When you're looking to part with huge amounts of money, you want to stay in control and having a professional help you allows you to do this. 

Proactive, not reactive 
A good real estate agent takes care not only of the seller’s interest, but also of the buyer’s. They don’t sit in their office and wait for calls—they look for leads, and once they find one, they’ll take care of that lead. Agents will be the first to hear of new properties that are coming onto the market, so don't wait until they're listed to find out what's out there. If your agent knows what you're looking for and the boxes you need to be ticked, they can let you know immediately when something fits the bill. If you're hoping to buy in a high demand area this is especially important, you don't want to miss out. 

Their clients matter to them 
Their first motivation is to satisfy their customers—both the seller and buyer. Their mission is to connect the right buyer to the right property seller. If their client gets a good deal, so do they. Buying a home is an investment, and their priority is not profit, but ensuring the satisfaction of their customer. They understand customer service; they entertain calls over the weekends and do after-hours consultations. 

Buying a home really can be a minefield, there's so much to bear in mind that having a professional who knows what they're doing can be invaluable and make the process run much more smoothly. 

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