The Perfect Shoes for City Life – Hiking, Training, or Fashion?

woman shopping for shoes

We lead busy lives, us city people. Work, study, meet friends and family, workout, get outside, go home, repeat. Could there be a perfect shoe for all the possible occasions? Well, probably not- not one type of footwear is going to meet our every need. However, a good choice can be made for each occasion and purpose. As the seasons change around us, let’s talk about everyday shoes that you can wear all year round.

Why Have Different Shoes?
It's not about owning an entire closet stuffed with shoes- unless you want to of course! However, most of us need at least a few different varieties, even if you're not particularly fashion conscious. Different activities put different kinds of pressure on your feet, and so they require different areas of protection and cushioning. A highly protective hiking boot, thus, may feel a bit constricting if you’re only going for a walk. And your casual fashion shoes just can’t give you the support and agility a quality training shoe will.

The Hiking Shoe
A good hiking shoe is essential if you like to to cross great distances on foot, work on your feet, occasionally or occupationally go for urban or nature hikes, you’ll probably appreciate a pair. Famously comfy, supportive and durable, the Merrell Moab line is an amazing choice and example. From low hiking shoes, with breathing mesh top and bright colors, to full-on hiking boots, equipped with Vibram® soles and GORE-TEX® waterproofing, which ones you choose is really a matter of personal preference.

The Training Shoe
Running errands or running in the park? It makes sense to add a comfortable, flexible, lightweight shoe to your collection. Although specific kinds of sports or training could benefit from a specially designed shoe, most of us can do with a good general-purpose running shoe. The Mizuno Wave Sky, for example, are versatile, responsive shoes. With their good looks and the cushioning needed for long-distance running, they are also good for walking, gym training, and can also be worn as a casual shoe.

The Fashion Shoe
Sometimes it’s just time to chill, show up, and perhaps show off. Whether it’s for a relaxed work event or just hanging out with friends, a casual fashion shoe is all about personal style. Timeless and always trendy, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are an obvious example of that. High tops or low, black, white or colorful, they are a fashion staple you can very much rely on. Another casual classic choice would be the Adidas Originals. With timeless designs such as the Gazelle or Campus models, or the braver unique shapes and textures of the Prophere & NMDs, they certainly offer something for everyone. If it's for a dressy event, a simple pair of black stilettos should get you through every occasion from a wedding to a funeral to a posh dinner with your partner. 

What’s the Best Place to Buy Them?
Generally speaking, online shoe stores tend to be cheaper than real-life ones. If you’re unfamiliar with a specific brand or model, it’s best to try them on IRL so you have an idea of the correct fit and size for you. Read some customer reviews for a better understanding of the use and quality of the model, even if the brand, in general, is known to you. When you’ve decided, go ahead and order them online. Just make sure to read the store reviews to be certain you’re getting a real brand product and not a fake. Very high end brand like Louboutins, Jimmy Choo and Yeezys all tend to have counterfeit varieties going around as they know people want these brands on a budget. However, if you're buying a designer brand, you're not going to find a good price unless it's a legitimate sale or an outlet store. 

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