Using Interactive Dog Toys For Training Purposes

dog with a toy in his mouth running on the beach

Pets offer so much to us as humans- loyalty, companionship and unconditional love. In return, we need to make sure their needs are met, domestic pets are much like babies in the fact that they can do little to fend for themselves. As well as the basics like food, water and shelter, it's important to provide mental stimulation to your animal as it prevents them from getting bored (and exhibiting boredom behaviours which can generally include destruction of your home!) and also gives them the chance to enjoy their natural instincts. If you own a dog you'll know that they're curious creatures, and puppies especially need a lot of interaction and training. Interactive dog toys are a great way to kill two birds with one stone in this respect, as they keep them occupied while teaching them the skills they need to be a respectful and contented pet. They tire them out mentally as well as physically, and a tired dog truly is a happy dog. Here's how you can go about it!

1. Have a variety of toys
Different types of dog breeds have natural instincts to do different types of tasks such as retrieving or hunting. As such, to train your dog for different purposes you will need a whole set of toys. Different types of toys will tap into various dog abilities and skills and they will make training an much easier and more enjoyable process for you. Given the brief attention span of animals, having a lot of toys will keep your dog interested and focused on your training sessions. Some of the toys you can invest in include stuffed toys, ropes, squeaky balls, all of which will keep your pup happy and active both mentally and physically. Sites like Dog Product Picker can be useful as they have a wide selection of different toys in one place.

2. Use different toys every day
Arrange your pup’s set of toys in groups and ensure that each group has a different set toy, that is, a squeaky toy, rope, puzzle, and others. Use these different sets for each day so that the pup feels like he has a different challenge to take on each and every day. Having different toys in each group will also help to ensure that your dog does not get bored easily since they will be moving from toy to toy. Pups only play with one toy for like two mins only, and it, therefore, helps if they have a lot to choose from. This does not necessarily mean that you have to buy new toys, but you can make the ones you have to appear different. This you can achieve by changing the scent of the toy or using different types of snacks every day.

3. Play games with your pup
The easiest way to make training a fun and easy activity is by playing with your pup. Participating in games such as fetch or hiding games will make your dog more eager to make you happy and they will thus try harder to achieve the task they are presented with. These kinds of games also make it much easier for your dog to remain focused and therefore enhancing mental alertness and a longer attention span. Such games will make your pup physically active which will make him be healthier and stronger, as compared to staying in one position and playing with one toy. All these activities will thus train your dog to be a great pup with excellent skills.

4. Reward with a toy or games
Training a dog involves giving them lots of positive re-enforcement when they do something you want. This quickly teaches them the behaviours we're after from them, dogs are pack animals and as their leader, will be keen to please you. Treats are a great way to reward this behaviour, but if you're keen not to overfeed them, toys and games make an excellent alternative. A quick game of tug of war or fetch will do the trick. 

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