5 Things to do Before Taking Your Driving Lessons!

woman on a driving lesson holding a steering wheel

Taking your first driving lessons can be a nerve wrecking experience, to say the least. It's something completely different to what you've done before, so you're out of your comfort zone- and you're learning a skill which can really feel quite alien at first. But learning to drive genuinely is one of the best things you'll ever do, so try and put your nerves aside and prepare as much as you can. Here's what you need to do. 

Be on time
When your driving instructor arrives to pick you up, you want to be ready to go and well rested. If your lesson is in the morning, get prepared the night before so you don't have to run around looking for things before your session. Try and sleep well the night before and have a relaxed morning to get you off to the best start. 

Research your area
The place where you live will have a huge impact on the way your lessons will go. By the time you pass your test you'll be able to drive on any kind of road, but your location will depict whether you're mainly going to be driving on country roads or through busy cities. Think about it, there's going to be a big difference between driving lessons in Birmingham and driving lesson in the Cotswolds! Some places have lots of large roundabouts, others have strange junctions. Some places are busy, others are quieter. If you can, have a friend or family member drive you around the roads surrounding the test centre of the place you live in (this is where your lessons will mainly be) and familiarise yourself with the types of roads.

Review the Highway Code
You can choose to do your theory test any time before your practical exam. However, it can be worth getting it out of the way early. If you already know the highway code, what different road signs mean and the rules of the road it can make things easier in your practical lessons. At the very least, make a start on some theory revision before you book your first driving lesson as it will help you out. 

Provisional license
Your instructor will ask to see your provisional license on the first lesson so be sure to bring it with you. Once you complete your driving lessons and pass your test, you'll send your provisional back and be sent out a full one. It can take a few weeks for a first provisional license to arrive, and you need to have it before you start lessons so don't leave it til the last minute

Dress and shoes
It makes sense to dress comfortably, tight fitting clothes could distract you from concentrating on the road. Flat shoes are a must, and ideally wear ones that don't have a thick sole. When you can feel the pedal under your foot it can give you more control and feel the biting point of the car better, which is what you need in the early days of driving. 

Glasses or contacts
If you wear glasses, make sure you're wearing them for all of your lessons. Depending on your eyesight, it might be a legal requirement to have them on every time you drive- even after you've passed. If you're not sure, have an eye test done beforehand but as a general rule you should be able to see a license plate number from twenty meters away. Your driving examiner will ask you to do this on the day of your test, so don't leave it to chance. Police are starting to do random stop checks of road users and asking them to pass an eye test on the side of the road, so it's something you'll need to be sure you can do before you drive. 

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