Get Your Garden Summer Ready!

Woman Wearing Blue Dress Holding Flower Pot

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes BBQ season, garden parties, paddling pools, and lots of outdoor fun. Garden owners will be overjoyed to finally spend some time outdoors but may find their gardens in need of a little TLC before they can enjoy them fully. We here at  Artificial Grass Direct  are garden lovers and we want to help you get your garden summer ready in just a few easy steps. 

Show the Lawn Some Love 
Gardens lucky enough to sport a bit of greenery are in need of constant maintenance. If you have natural grass in your garden, it’s time to break out that lawnmower and trim that turf. You’ll also want to dust off that garden hose now the weather is getting warmer as your grass will be needing a lot more liquid to avoid drying out in the summer sun. Unfortunately, summer time is when grass gardens require the most upkeep and this can often get in the way of any outdoor activities you have planned.  Alternatively, you might want to consider installing artificial grass in your garden for a zero-maintenance lawn that stays green all year ‘round. Installing artificial grass takes less than 24 hours and can be done by a professional or at home for free (no DIY experience required) by  following a simple guide. You’ll never have to worry about your artificial lawn fading in the sun or getting damaged from lots of outdoor fun. 

Fish Out That Furniture 
Garden furniture is a summer time must-have! If you’re planning on spending any time in your garden at all this summer, then you’ll at least want to have a couple of deck chairs on hand so you can kick back and relax in the sunshine. For the sun worshipers amongst us, nothing beats stretching out on a sun lounger and catching a few rays. If you’re looking for fun and unique furniture perfect for parties or homes with children, why not try scattering a couple of beanbags throughout your garden? These are easy to move indoors depending on the weather and provide a comfortable alternative to plastic or wooden deck chairs. 

Bust Out the BBQ 
No summer-ready garden is complete without a BBQ. Whether you’re a master griller with a state-of-the-art BBQ or you prefer to keep things simple with a disposable option, it’s worth getting BBQ equipment ready ahead of time so you can get straight to it on the nicest days of the year. Whether you have natural grass or artificial turf, make sure your garden is completely protected from heat or embers by protecting the area under and around your BBQ with heat resistant material such as concrete slabs or paving stones.

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