How to Feel and Look More Confident in Your Own Skin

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If the mere thought of a job interview, walking into a party, or a cafĂ© for a first date is enough to make you feel sick to your stomach, it’s high time that you work on your self-confidence. Plenty of studies have shown that having the right amount of confidence could help boost your chances of getting more dates and landing a job you want. Feeling confident in your skin is however easier said than done. Fortunately, below are some basic guidelines you should follow to communicate to other people that you’re in command and confident in yourself.  

Let Your Eyes Say It All 
The way you present yourself could go a long way towards communicating your self-assuredness. And it is usually the tiniest things that typically make the most lasting impression. For instance, making eye contact when you interact with other people. Not making eye contact communicates discomfort, shyness, embarrassment, depression, or anxiety. To leverage the power of your eyes, throw in a firm, strong handshake and a bright smile to put out vibes that you’re confident in yourself and make people feel more at ease with you. To make sure that your eyes are always on point and radiant, make it a point to care for them. Try the lifting serum from Kedma Cosmetics. Infused with vitamins A, E, and B complex, Dead Sea minerals, and aloe vera, this light, mineral-rich, the highly concentrated serum helps address saggy eyelids and brows, diminish the look of dreaded panda eyes, and minimize the appearance of expression lines. 

Walk Like You’re on a Catwalk 
When you walk with just the right amount of energy and sass, it communicates to people that you’re vibrant, in control, and sure of yourself. On the other hand, a slow, wonky, dragging shuffle communicates that you feel the world on your shoulders and that you don’t see yourself as someone that must be noticed. So keep your gait steady, your shoulders back, and hold your head up high when walking. 

Stand Proud and Tall 
Just being mindful of your posture and standing straight could positively impact your confidence. It can likewise help you remain flexible and stronger as you age. To help you stand tall, picture a person holding a string and pulling it through your body, starting from your feet up to your head. Just your posture alone can help to give the illusion that you're confident- even if you're not!

Wear It Well 
Because first impressions are mostly visual, what you wear and how you look is immensely vital. You need to dress and look the part. Know what works for your body and what doesn’t. Wear colors and clothing styles that flatter your body shape, and hair and makeup that complements your natural features. The thing to remember with hair and makeup is that they should play up your natural assets instead of masking them so that you’ll communicate to people that you’re confident in your skin. 

Most of all, it’s essential to keep in mind that confidence isn’t a sprint, but a lifelong marathon. You won’t always feel confident all the time, and that’s perfectly fine. Some days, you need to fake it ‘til you make it.

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