How to Have More Adventures As a Family

family on holiday at the beach

There’s nothing better than setting forth on an adventure with the family by your side. It gives you time to bond, opens up your children to new experiences and ways of seeing the world, and also, let’s forget the family for a moment, it’s just fun to be out there and exploring. Part of what makes it so enjoyable is that it’s something we have to work for; it doesn’t just happen. If you’re going to have adventures, then you’ll need to put the pieces in position to make it happen. Below, we take a look at some tried and tested tips.

Embrace the Outdoors
There’ll be a time for adventuring overseas (more on that later), but it’s not something that you’re going to do again and again. If you’re going to make fun exploring part of your normal family life, then you’ll need to embrace the great outdoors. It’s the family playground that’ll just keep on giving. If you live in a city, then you might have some serious reservations about the potential for fun that the sometimes cold and wet outdoors offers, but it’s worthwhile overriding that initial reaction. Once you see the fun side, you’ll have the whole world available to you.

Get the Right Equipment
Adventuring will be a lot more straightforward if you have the equipment that’ll make it a reality. If you’re going to go camping as a family, then you’ll need a large tent, a stove, and the assorted camping supplies that every family needs. Don’t forget that you’ll also need a vehicle large enough to comfortably transport the family and also handle the sometimes difficult terrain and conditions of outdoors, so take a look at the vans on sale from sites like Once you’ve got all the right supplies, you’ll be able to simply back up your vehicle and head off on an adventure. Things get much easier when you don’t need to plan everything in detail before leaving.

Holidays Abroad
Of course, even though there’s much fun to be had in the UK outdoors, there’ll be times when you want to explore new territories. There’s much to love about spending time abroad as a family! And we don’t just mean lying on a beach (not that there’s anything wrong with that). For your family holiday, pick a region that inspires adventure -- there are plenty of beautiful and affordable outdoor regions across Europe, especially Spain, that would make for an excellent holiday.

Spontaneous Fun
Finally, remember that not all adventuring as a family needs to be multi-day. There’s plenty of scope for spontaneous fun excursions, too. If the weather outside is pleasant, why not look at packing a picnic and heading to your nearest beach or wooded area? You’ll find that sometimes those last-minute adventures are just as fun as the ones you spent time planning in advance. These can also fill the gaps when you need to take a gap between your longer breaks, too. The kids, and you, will love it!

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