Should You Buy A Sports Car In Your Twenties?

woman driving a sports car

We’re still thinking about cars here on the blog, and today, it’s time to consider the sports car. Should you purchase one when you’re in your twenties? Depending on when you take your test, this could actually be your first vehicle. This isn’t as crazy as it sounds and it could fit into your budget. So, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of owning that lovely little speedster. 

It Will Never Look As Cool As This Again
Do you buy it now or during your midlife crisis? If you don’t buy it now, you’re probably not going to make the purchase until a lot later in life. Are you planning on starting a family? A sports car probably won’t fit into the equation here unless your income allows you to keep it as a summer vehicle. It’s really only after you head towards retirement that you’ll probably be able to come back to this choice. Even if you don’t want a family, the money you would spend on the speedster will probably go to your house deposit and mortgage instead. Aside from this, you need to think about the aesthetic. While you can still look fabulous in your thirties, forties and fifties driving a sports car it’s never going to have quite the same appeal as cruising behind the wheel in your twenties. There’s a coolness factor that the sands of time erase. 

They’re More Budget-Friendly Then You Think
You might think that a sports car isn’t going to fit into your budget right now. Don’t be so sure though because you can pick up a quality sports car for less than you’d imagine. Particularly, if you choose to purchase a one-second hand. Sites such as have brilliant sports cars for less than ten thousand. We don’t think that’s too unreasonable even for a twenty-something budget. 

It’s The Insurance That’s Gonna Kill Ya
Of course, you do need to be aware of the fact that the insurance will hit you hard. Any sports car will typically have a significantly higher insurance rate than what you probably want. You do need to take this into account when judging your budget and whether you can afford to make this purchase. It’s not quite as simple as scrounging together the cash for the original purchase. The long term costs must be considered as well including the tax. That said, there are ways to lower the insurance premium. For instance, you can opt for a black box plan where your speed and driving style will be monitored closely.

You’ll Never Pass A Petrol Station 
The other thing that you need to consider regarding cost is fuel. If you’re hoping to use this as a vehicle for commutes, you’ll find the expense will add up rather quickly. Your monthly fuel costs won’t be fun at all unless you pick a sports car with a fantastic mpg. Believe it or not, they do exist. 

Finally, don’t forget that costs aside a sports car will always be a great deal of fun on the road. And sometimes, it's worth doing things in life purely because they're enjoyable. If you find driving fun and have a passion for sports cars then why wouldn't you treat yourself if you're able to? You just need to make sure you can handle the raw power.

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