Simple Ways To Stop Common Pests

a wasp sitting on a yellow flower

Now that the spring is here and summer isn’t too far behind, we are all starting to see more life appear both inside and outside the house. One of the things we will see a lot outside in the garden at this time of the year is wildlife, and animals have now come out of hibernation and are in full swing. However alongside all of the lovely animals we see, there also come pests who get in our way and make life a little difficult. Today we are taking a look at 5 different pests and how to deter them humanely.

Pigeons are the bane of many of our lives, and although they are only birds like any other, pigeons are often very confident and this leads them to taking over urban spaces. If you have a pigeon issue and you want to deter them from coming back you can use bird netting Services or think about placing a fake owl on your roof to scare them away. 

Wasps are annoying little pests and the issue with them is the fact that they will nest usually in your roof or inside your walls. You cannot forceably remove a wasp nest from your house without seriously risking your body and this is why it can be difficult for many of us to deal with them in a humane way. However one great natural solution is to hang a bunch of rosemary underneath their nest and also grab some rosemary essential oil and drop this around the house. Wasps hate the strong smell and it will cause them to find somewhere else to live. 

Mice are adorable little creatures but unfortunately they are classed as pests because they can steal our food. To deal with a mouse in a simple way you can use a humane trap which will simply cage them and allow you to release them into the garden. You can also drop peppermint oil around the house and this will stop them wanting to enter. 

Mosquitos are a pain in the neck and no one likes having them around. The main reason why mosquitos will appear in your garden and Home is because of your gutters, as they lay their eggs in moist places. If you haven’t cleared your gutter for a whole this is the ideal place for them to lay their eggs and this is why your garden will be overrun. Take the time to get rid of any damp spots in the garden and keep your gutter clear.

A simple way for you to stop termites wrecking your home completely is to use a special varnish on your wooden beams. Termites need to be dealt with because they are dangerous to the structure of your home. Make sure you have no gaps in the foundation of your home and this will ensure that they don’t overtake your wood this year and end up causing some serious structural damage to your home.

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