Top 5 Reasons Why Parents Choose Private Schools

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Every parent wants the best for their child. And if you’ve followed the Harry Potter saga when it landed on the big screen, you might find yourself comparing every school against Hogwarts. Of course, Hogwarts, the famous British school of magic is not a safe place, as readers and viewers discover every year that a new threat has infiltrated the grounds, sometimes even hiding among the respectable professors. Thankfully, the reassuring presence of the Headmaster serves as a protective shield for the students. Besides, if there’s one thing the Harry Potter series has shown it’s that those who go through the most challenging childhood, such as Neville Longbottom or Harry himself, are more likely to take a path of a self-growth, revealing themselves to become strong, reliable and successful individuals in the end.Many parents secretly wish there were a Hogwarts alternative in the real world. Hogwarts is not only a private school, but it’s a school that encourage children to develop their skills and their personality. Perhaps it is the reason why private schools remain a popular choice for many parents. We are all searching for our very own Hogwarts. 

#1. Surprisingly better social integration
There’s a common concern that private schools might hinder children’s social development as a result of creating an enclosed environment. In reality, most private schools try to keep a strong connection to everyday life, ensuring their students get to experience a range of social situations, from meeting local professionals to planning school trips. Indeed, as private schools enjoy greater flexibility, both in terms of budget and curriculum, they’re able to invest extensively in social activities. While it’s not to say that public school don’t offer similar options, private schools are in a unique position to focus on social integration and development for their students. 

#2. Students receive a variety of responsibilities
Hogwarts shows a fantasy world in which children need to learn not only to look after themselves but also after their friends. Houses are rewarded points for their performance in class but also for the responsibilities they take outside of the classroom. Values such as courage, care, and selflessness are promoted and can get a house to win additional points in the yearly competition. While typical private schools may not have the ability to reward their students for fighting off Voldemort, they still find ways of introducing responsibilities to children. Some schools keep animals on their grounds, such as Moffats School, situated south of Birmingham. The former school has now become a language education centre for international students. But, before this, students were tasked with a variety of duties to help manage the ponies and horses. The proximity to animals didn’t only encourage children to learn about the importance of responsibilities, but it was also a fantastic way to stay active and relax. These somehow out-of-the-ordinary options are popular in private schools and can help children to develop new skills and confidence. 

#3. Kids can acquire knowledge instead of exam-passing skills
Public schools need to stick to the curriculum. As a result, they rely on Sats exams to showcase their education performance, desiring to encourage parents to trust their score. When you are pressed to follow a teaching schedule, the only differentiator is how well or poorly children are doing in exams. But, many parents feel that public schools can be self-serving. They teach children to succeed in school exams and are sometimes accused of failing to convey real knowledge. A private school uses its flexibility to share knowledge without the threat of Sats exams. 

#4. Sometimes it’s the best school in your area
There’s no denying that countless parents have tried to lie about their home address to make sure their children would be able to go to a better school. It’s not uncommon to move houses to give your children a chance to enter a renowned public school. Private schools have the advantage that they don’t involve any postcode lottery in their admission process. Admittedly, parents have to pay, but it can turn out cheaper than moving out! 

#5. Parents want better education
It’s fair to say that what makes private schools more appealing is the fact they can dedicate more time to their students. Indeed, the fees and admission rules keep away a lot of people, which enable the school to focus on individual children and create a positive experience for all. The question is not whether private schools are ultimately better. But the fact is that most parents believe they are for the excellent reason that they don’t live by the rules of public schools. 

In the absence of a real-life Hogwarts, more and more parents have been looking at private education alternatives. While it doesn’t mean that everyone should consider private schooling, there is an important lesson to remember. You need to pick a school that understands the role of social integration, responsibilities, knowledge in the education of your children and that makes every single student feel valued. 

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