Top Tips For Feeding Your Dog a Healthy Diet

dog eating a treat on grass

Dogs really are man's best friend, as responsible pet owners we have to make sure their needs are met both physically and mentally. One important thing to get right is their diet, nutrition is the foundation for health. Here are some tips you may follow in order to feed your dog a healthy diet. 

1. Do your research 
Your dog may be your best friend, but he should not be treated like a human, especially when it comes to food. You cant give your dog the same food that you consume. There are foods that we can eat that are dangerous when consumed by dogs. Xylitol is one of those ingredients. It is very toxic to your dog and can cause liver failure, same as alcohol. Something as simple as onions and garlic can also poison your dog when consumed in big doses. You should also take note of the type of dog breed you have and their size. They might have different dietary needs depending on these factors. 

2. Make sure to read the product labels
Once you already know what your dog's dietary needs are, you can start choosing the dog food that you will give your pet. It's very important to know what ingredients are included in the dog food. Make sure to do another research to see if these ingredients are good or bad for your dogs. There are also some websites that actually review some dog food at the market. You can go to to check out some of the dog food you can purchase for your pet. You will not only be given a comprehensive review of the products, including the good and the bad in each product. This will allow you to make a wise decision as to what to buy for your pet.

3. Consider homemade treats
While there's nothing wrong with feeding your pets with commercial dog food, but you can have fun with making your own treats. Make sure you're not including any ingredients that are toxic and everything is safe for them to consume. Oats, carrots, blueberries and bananas are all things that you can mix up and make healthy and tasty treats for dogs. It's fun, and you get to avoid chemicals and other nasties that are sometimes present in shop bought treats. 

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