Upgrading Your First Car? Here's What You Need to Know

NOTD in a Fiat 500 with a white steering wheel

If you’re a relatively new driver touring around in their very first vehicle then there’s probably a burning question on your mind; when should I upgrade? Whether your first car simply doesn’t fit your needs anymore or if you’d just like to finally upgrade from your barely-usable scrap of metal, then here’s a couple of tips to help you upgrade from your first car.

Decide if you can sell or scrap your current car
If you bought something relatively recent then there’s a good chance it can just be re-sold. Whether it’s used as a trade-in for a newer car at a used car dealership or sold on a car marketplace beforehand, it’s vital that you look at how much you can get for your vehicle so you know how much can go to your next. If you use your car every day then we would recommend not finalising the sale before you actually get your new car! If you can’t sell it, then you’ll need to look for a scrap service. You don’t want to end up with a second car laying around because the insurance is going to pile up and your next vehicle is going to be more expensive to upkeep if you have two active vehicles, so scrapping should be a last resort.

Now decide if you want to buy used or new
Most people buy a used car for their very first because it’s much cheaper and offers some nice advantages like cheaper insurance (in some cases). However, if you’re thinking about upgrading to a newer vehicle such as the Hyundai I30 Tourer, then you might be able to get a much better deal by buying it new. Since you’ve got some experience under your belt, it means that you’ll probably get cheaper insurance premiums as long as you’ve not had an accident. In addition, financing new cars will typically come at 0% interest if you find a good deal, and newer cars are often cheaper to run because of better fuel economy and lower emissions.However, that’s not to say that buying old is a bad thing. If there’s a dream car that you absolutely want and it’s not available new at a reasonable price, then buying used is often the only way to go.

Consider what your personal needs are
Now you should think about what you’re upgrading the car for. Is it because your car is too small? Maybe it’s because your car is costing a lot of money to run because it’s not fuel efficient, or maybe it just plain sucks and you want to get something better. These are all valid reasons to upgrade your car and get something new, but you should consider if your circumstances have changed so that your next vehicle can suit you better. For instance, some people might have started families since getting their first car, so they’ll have to look into buying a family car. Others might have more experience with vehicles now, so they might look for something with a bigger engine or more customisation. Whatever you choose, it’s going to feel great to finally get an upgrade!

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