Your Ultimate Guide to Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle can have many benefits for our overall well being. It promotes productivity, creativity, happiness and a more positive outlook on life. Every day will become a new opportunity to do better and be better. You will wake up happy and start your day as an absolute winner! In this post, you will find out everything you need to know about a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy your read! 

Start Moving Your Body 
The key factor to your lifestyle change is to start integrating regular physical exercise. Let’s imagine a scene. It’s early morning. Your family is still asleep. You get a deep and long breath of fresh air. The Sun is just right. Today is the day you put on your comfiest sneakers, a knee brace from Your Best Brace for security and injury free exercise, put your earbuds, and go out for a run. Sounds really nice, doesn't it? Nobody expects of you to run a marathon in a day. Nor to run as fast as a cheetah. The only thing you have to do is strongly decide that this is the day your life is going to change for the better. It’s better to run for 15-20 minutes slowly and steadily than to run for 5 minutes and lose your breath after 2. Running may be the best exercise to begin with. It has many health benefits. Running improves your mood and helps fight depression. Studies have shown that people who go out for a regular jog are much happier, no matter the pace. Running clears your head making you more productive, creative and you will sleep better. Not the mention the significant amount of calories you can burn with a single run. Don’t be afraid to start slow. Everyone has a starting point and you will be better, faster and stronger sooner than you think. Just be persistent. 

Set a Morning Routine 

Our alarm starts to buzz, we are comfortable in our bed and just don’t want to get up. So we push the snooze button a ridiculous amount of times till we finally get up. Now, we are cranky and irritated because we don’t have the time to do all the stuff we wanted before work or school. Sound familiar? Establishing a morning routine can save you from all this trouble. First, you set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than usual. You do this for about a week. The next week you set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than usual. Until you get to the time you actually want to wake up. Integrating a new habit must start gradually otherwise we will be exhausted and give up pretty soon. So why would you sacrifice your precious sleep just to get up earlier? Well, firstly when you get up earlier you will go to bed sooner. So, no amount of sleep will be actually sacrificed. Second, you will save yourself from all the unnecessary stress which can be caused by running late for work or school. Third, you will get extra time to do the things you love. Maybe cook a nice breakfast, watch a funny show, or listen to a podcast on YouTube do yoga, meditate, journal, read a book… The options are endless. And you will feel much happier after having this time just for yourself. 

Stay Hydrated

 Drink water! This hasn't been said enough times obviously because people still reach out for sugary soda rather than water. Majority of people don’t drink enough water daily. Hydrating is crucial for your health and overall well being. Our blood consists of 90% water which means that water delivers oxygen through your body. Your digestive system can get in a really bad place if you don’t hydrate. It leads to common problems like constipation, overly acidic stomach, and even heartburn. Also, it can lead to kidney stones (a urology issue). Drinking plenty of water makes your skin healthy and glowing. Because insufficient water intake can make your skin more vulnerable and can lead to premature wrinkling. It also lowers your blood pressure. Because lack of water can cause thickness of blood and as a result increase blood pressure. If you have a hard time getting yourself to drink water add some flavor to it. Squeeze some lemon, add refreshing mint, chop some cucumbers or grate some ginger in it. It might help you to get used to drinking more water. 

Eat Fruits and Vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables are the most beneficial foods you can eat. They are full of minerals and vitamins crucial for your health and overall well being. And this is the easiest way to get your daily intake of important vitamins. Try to eat at least one or two pieces of fruit daily. You can try strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples, oranges, grapefruit, avocado, kiwi… And do try to eat them. Squeezing or mashing them into a smoothie can cause them to lose their essential vitamins.And usually, they become just plain sugar. That goes especially for oranges. Doctors have suggested to try and eat 9 servings of fruit and vegetables. This can get pretty hard, but eating even one serving of fruits or vegetables is good for a start. You can try to make nice fresh salads with kidney beans, carrots, corn, green salad, olives, cucumber, and tomatoes. Mix everything up add a little olive oil and salt. And you have yourself a beautiful filling salad. 

Get enough Sleep

Who can sleep when there are so many things to do, things to see and experience- right? Well, if you want to do all of that for a long time you should consider having more sleep. The majority of people today are sleep deprived which leads to irritability, brain fog, and depression. While on the other hand getting a good night sleep can boost your physical endurance, concentration, and productivity. It can maximize your cognitive skills and enhance memory. Which is pretty crucial when having to go on an important meeting or a school test. All in all, there is nothing better than being tucked in your comfortable bed, dreaming sweet dreams, when you know the next morning you will be fully rested ready to start your day like a champion. 

Hopefully, this article has given you a better insight on how to start your health journey. Remember to be persistent and to start slowly. We’re not on a race and the only losers are the ones who don’t even try.

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