Secrets to Golf Improvement

woman taking a swing with a golf club

Golf is a game that many people can’t seem to fathom or worse still, is a game that many people find ridiculous-they can’t seem to wrap their head around why some bunch of men or women for that matter will take a stick (club) and keep swinging at a ball. Just like a lot of sports, unless you play it yourself it can be difficult to understand that, as simple it looks, it takes a lot of mental and physical stamina to be able to play well You see, golf is not just about swinging, It teaches you patience, endurance, focus. It literally pushes you to your limits while testing your tenacity. In fact- some might say it's one of the best sports out there.

The difference between golf and other games is this; other sports (not all) involves one team contending with another team-teams. This means that there is a support system in which every other member of the team can easily shoulder the individual weaknesses of each team member. But in golf, the reverse is the case. You have to build every part of yourself both physically and mentally because there is a very marginal room for error- any weakness or weaknesses will easily be exploited by other golfers. Now, at this point, you might already be getting excited, and probably thinking to yourself-I will dash off to a golf shop and get some golf clubs--but before you do that, there are some simple tips you might want to arm yourself with before starting out as a newbie. If you are already playing this monumental game, and you are having some difficulty in advancing even though you have been working your ass off to be better at the game, then maybe this article is also for you. Enough of the talk, let’s get down to business.

Score counts
For a newbie or an average golf player, the short game will be the single most significant influence on how successful a player you are going to be. And here is why, the higher your scores, the more short game you are going to need. Newbies and high-handicappers usually hit fewer greens than better players which translates to having more short-game shots per round. So if you are going to be needing your short game often....Then it is better to get good at it if you want to be a good player (this means a low scorer.) You should bear in mind that even though a short-game is a walk in the park for professional golf players, it is of more significant consequence for an average or new player.

There is always a tendency for beginners and average golfers to focus so much on the mechanism of their swings. They try so hard in having the perfect stance, hip balance, swing motion, etc. Some newbies even go as far as watching other professional players and how they swing in a smooth, and rhythmic fashion-and then try to emulate that. That is a very wrong approach to perfecting your swings. Now it is not to say that there aren’t proper techniques to perfecting your swings, but what is the use of a perfect swing if your ball keeps falling far from the hole. Your focus should be on getting comfortable in any form that ensures you are able to deliver the ball closer to your mark because that is the only true measure of a swing regardless of how poor your swing was. In order words, your aim should be directed at your performance and not so much the methodology.

Golf putting
Great golf writers like Pelz, Hume et al. and Couceiro, splits the action of golf putting into four phases which are: Backswing movement- this involves the golfers upwards and backward movements in relation to the ball. This action is essential in positioning and aligning the golfer’s hub center and club head. Downswing movement-this involves the golfers downwards and forward movement in relation to the ball. This swing motion starts where the backswing ends and finishes just before the club head hits the ball with maximum impact. Contact-this involves actually hitting the ball, it is that instance when the club head impacts the ball with maximum velocity. Follow through-starts right after the ball has been hit, and deceleration begins to occur in an eccentric progressive muscular relaxation (PMR). 

In conclusion
The putting method described above needs to be inculcated into a form of training ritual. You should endeavor to practice these swing motion as a warm-up procedure before any training or game. The reason being that It will train your subconscious mind and your senses to be adept in that motion especially when you are in a real game and you are getting all nervous and tensed. That swinging ritual will activate your senses and put you in what you can call a “GAME MODE” even in the face of adversity.

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