Why Studying Law Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be a Lawyer

students studying law at university

A career in law is extremely demanding. There’s a lot of pressure involved, it’s a competitive industry and it requires a lot of investment from you. It’s also something that involves a lot of study and research, meaning it’s not something that you can just drop in and drop out of. Thankfully, studying law doesn’t mean that you’ve locked your fate as a lawyer. In fact, it can open you up to many different job opportunities thanks to how flexible and in-demand your skillset is. You can leverage your problem solving ability Those that study the law tend to have fantastic problem solving abilities. This means that your skill set can be applied to virtually any kind of industry where there are problems present that need to be solved. This could mean solving customer disputes, figuring out solutions to optimise a business or even helping others with social issues. Graduates don’t always end up as lawyers 

People often think that law students are locked into becoming lawyers, or at least having some kind of law-related job, but this isn’t actually the case. While becoming a lawyer seems to be a direct career path, it’s actually common for law students to end up in other industries. This can include public administration, finance or even back into education as a lecturer. We’ve included an informative infographic below that helps to illustrate just how useful a Master of Law degree can be, the benefits it provides and how it can improve your ability to work in multilingual settings.
Design from: University of Southern California

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