Hair Drug Tests for Employees at the Office Workplace

If you work in a big corporation, then you might have noticed that the boss will ask you to do a drug test on a random basis. This is something that happens quite frequently around the world, and it shouldn't come as a surprise. If you don't touch drugs, then you're in the clear, but what about if you have? Maybe it was a one off at a party, or perhaps you've been to somewhere like Amsterdam, South Africa or Canada where certain cannabis is legal to consume, and decided to give it a go? It might have been fun at the time, but one thing to be aware of is that the metabolites in marijuana are hard to get rid of once your body is exposed to them. They can last for weeks, and they can quickly get you caught and even worse, fired if you're taken in for a random drugs test before your body has got rid of them. If your employer is strict and doesn't tolerate it, then you can quickly lose your job. Therefore, make sure to get clean of toxins for the test, because this is the only way that you'll test negative for drugs. There are different tests that they perform on employees for drug use, but the most popular one is the hair drug test. 

Why do employers test you? 
Being clean of toxins speaks of your credibility. Your boss can trust and count on you always. Coming to work high will not benefit anyone, even you. You can easily put someone in danger and don’t do your job properly. The effect that marijuana has on people can be quite dangerous. Moreover, if you don’t do your job properly, then you can definitely consider yourself fired. You won’t be able to concentrate on your tasks and obligations. No employer will tolerate that for a long time. If the company has a strict policy against drug usage, then you should stop using them. It’s the only way that your boss will trust you and consider you reliable. What's worse, your boss can spread bad rumors about you and damage your reputation. Other people won't think twice to hire you in their firm because of your poor performance and low credibility. Is it worth losing your good reputation because you can't stop indulging in weed? No, it's not. Make sure to take matters seriously or at least try really hard to get clean before the test so that no one will suspect anything. A workplace hair drug testing is something that happens all the time. 

How long do metabolites stay in the system? 
If you are a drug user, then you're probably asking yourself this question every single day until the test arrives. This is the question that everyone keeps on asking if they have to perform a drug test in the workplace. The answer depends on how much weed you smoke. By now, you probably know that the compound responsible for marijuana trace is the THC. A lot of things affect the length of the metabolite in your system. These include your diet as well. For those that smoke rarely, the toxins stay for at least 21 days in the blood. You see, the compound attaches itself to the fat in our bodies, and that's why it is rather difficult to leave the system right away. Those that smoke quite often can get clean for a month and maybe more. The average length is between 1 to 3 months, depending on how much you smoke. The best way to get clean on time is to find out when the test will take place. If your employer announces it months beforehand, then there's still hope for you after all. 

How to get clean? 
For hair drug tests, it is quite simple. They take a strand of your hair and analyze it afterwards. The hair follicles are usually the ones tested for any type of drugs, including cannabis. The tests are entirely accurate and will definitely tell if you are clean or not. What's more, the follicles, unlike blood or urine, can store the toxins for a more extended period. That's why employers ask for hair drug test most often than urine and blood. Read here for more. There’s no need to panic just yet. Fortunately, people have invented the perfect product to resolve your drug problems. That product is a detox shampoo. All you have to do is buy it from a local store or order it online, and the rest is a piece of cake. Since this type of shampoo is specialized for drug detoxication from the hair, make sure to read the instructions carefully before applying it. Wash the hair as often as you can because it won't cause any harm to your hair follicles or scalp. Actually, the shampoo is made from healthy ingredients that will nurture the hair as well as clear it from THC metabolites. Once the day for the test arrives, you can be confident that no one will detect that you've smoked marijuana whatsoever. 

How effective is the shampoo? 
It's natural to have doubts about these kinds of things and to distrust what's written online. That's why it's always worth finding out other people's real life experiences- there are thousands of videos on YouTube of people explaining the effect of the shampoo. If the reviews are positive, then what’s stopping you from trying it out as well? Also, there’s not only one type of detox shampoo out there. Make sure to do thorough research before buying the right product for your hair. If you're still not convinced, then you can ask people you know about a possible solution for the toxins- you would be surprised at how many people have been in a similar situation you have.

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