Banish Wedding Guest Boredom With These Imaginative Ideas

Bored wedding guests are not what you want on your big day. In fact, guests that aren't having fun can become problematic, arguing, or drinking too much and generally making a scene. Not what you want when you're trying to celebrate the happiest day of your life! Thankfully, there are some strategies you can use to make sure your guests don't get chance to be bored at your wedding, read on to find out what they are. 

Keep the time between the ceremony and reception down. 
One mistake that it's very easy to make when it comes to weddings is to have too much time after the ceremony and before the reception. In fact, without activities, food, and refreshments, it can be very easy for guests to get bored and grumpy. A situation that can make it all the more difficult to get everyone in a good mood once the reception starts. To that end, try and find a venue that offers both parts of the wedding in the same location. Although, if you do want to go for ones located in different places, be sure to play on at least hors d'oeuvres and drinks for the guests as they arrive at the reception. A tactic that can banish boredom, prevent 'hanger', and even help to stop guests drinking too much on an empty stomach too! 

Include fun activities throughout the day. 
Another way to banish boredom is to provide as many fun activities for your guests as possible. I'm not just talking about activity bags to keep the kids quiet during dinner here either. Instead, you need to think about everybody and include plenty of variety to keep people interested. In particular, fairground type games can work well. You can even get instruction on how to create your own like hook a duck and bottle toss online. Something that means you won't have to shell out a fortune, either. Additionally, going for a photo booth hire can work wonders as well. In fact, such an activity can help to create a real buzz at your wedding and make sure that your guest's attention is always focused on something positive as well. Not to mention the hilarious pics that you will get as a memento of your day! 

Get them involved with the photography. 
Speaking of photos, sometimes there is no better way to banish guest boredom than to give them a role to play at the wedding. Now don't worry I'm not talking about letting uncle Mick loose on the decks, or asking aunt Susan to make a speech. Instead, why not invite guests to take photographs of your day? Something you can provide them with instant or disposable cameras to do. You could even set up a social media account or website where they can upload pictures from their home as well. Something that should keep them happily entertained during the day, and provide you will a lovely less posed record of your special day as well. 

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