Boost Your Blog By Increasing Traffic In 5 Simple Steps

Creating a blog is absolutely necessary for the lover of the written word. There is nothing quite as satisfying as putting your emotions online, and building a community that you can reach out and  who relate to your blog. People express their emotions, concerns, they share their beliefs and opinions, they share their daily activities and their readers feel some sort of connection to the writers. One thing is for sure, bloggers express their feelings with their readers and the reader will seek out advice, guidance and purpose, giving the blogger purpose and inspiration in return. So if you feel you too would enjoy experiencing a community of followers, create a blog and get your perspective out there. When you have done this or decided upon taking your blog to the next level, boost your traffic by following these 5 simple steps. 

Create Great Content 
If you want your blog to be as renowned and established as you will need to focus on attracting an audience based on your blog. Enhance your content by interacting with your audience inside of your blog. Create questions and allow your audience to comment, ask questions themselves and respond. Be creative with your words to hook the reader and make the reader feel important and relevant to what you have to say about your experiences. 

Build Your Email Database 
Collect email addresses from your audience and mail them your links, be careful not to mail them on a daily basis but rather choose a day of the week to send these mails out on and make your readers aware. You can build on your email database by connecting with your readers and asking for additional email addresses from their friends and family who may be interested in your blog. 

Automate Your Sharing Options 
If you have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram platform, you can adjust your privacy settings to allow users to share your blog on all of the above mentioned platforms. This is also incentive to extend your online presence to these social media platforms and reach out to many more readers. 

Host Your Own Webinar 
So a webinar is simply a video you upload of yourself explaining who you are and what your blog is about. Connecting with the reader by directly addressing them via videos is a great method to attract new readers. People want to hear what you have to say and familiarise themselves with you and who you are, what kind of a writer and person you are and of course see if they can relate to what you have to say. 

Incentivise Your Reader 
Give your reader freebies in terms of eBooks, product, shout outs and the like. Being this connected to your readers will give you the advantage of free advertising. Nothing works better than ‘word of mouth’ approach! 

It takes time to increase the traffic to your blog so hang in there and have patience but remain interactive with your audience and you will be at the top of your game before you know it.

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