How Can You Help Your Employees to Love Your Company?

A business isn’t much without its employees, but it’s not often you’ll hear people shout about the company they work for. Company loyalty and job satisfaction can be a rare find these days, and often it’s up to businesses to build these things in their employees. If you want to enjoy lower turnover rates and build a company that people feel proud to work for, then you’re going to need to put your employees’ needs first. Want to help your employees love your company? Take a look at the following suggestions.

Offer a great onboarding experience
One of the most important things you can do to reduce your employee turnover is to improve onboarding in your company. Employees will make up their minds about a business shortly after starting, so making sure you engage early with new starters, provide them with a thorough induction and plenty of training opportunities can all help to make the process easier and more welcoming. Speak to your existing employees about how they found the onboarding process and aim to make positive improvements for your next wave of new employees.

Value their contribution
It’s important to value your employees’ contribution, and make them feel that their work contributes to something positive. When employees feel pride in their work, they’ll work harder to deliver results. Show your employees that they are valued and engage with them about their work, it can mean more to your employees than you realise. You could offer rewards and incentives for great performance, it gives them something extra to work towards and can improve company morale.

Put health and wellbeing first
The health and wellbeing of your employees should be one of your most important priorities. If employees are unwell or feeling stressed at work, they’re not going to be delivering the best results for your business. You'll need to consider everything from installing innovative platform lifts (to make your workplace accessible and safe for employees that are disabled or with limited mobility), to ensuring that all health and safety laws are met. This means giving the correct training, and making sure your workplace is properly lit and free of clutter to avoid slips and trips. You could offer gym memberships, healthy snacks and other wellbeing incentives which can also help to show your employees that you put their health first- it could mean you could reduce the number of sick days in your workplace too. You’ll also want to think of ways you can go the extra mile to show your employees that you care. Utilising options like a Lytx telematics company will help you to keep track of any drivers you have while they’re out, helping you identify any problems that could affect their safety. 

Offer competitive perks and rewards
To retain your employees, you need to offer them something worth staying for. Businesses are getting competitive when it comes to employee perks and rewards, so what are you putting on the table? Flexible working, healthcare benefits as well as added extras such as corporate discounts and bonuses can all help make a generous package for your employees and help you attract the best talent to your business. 

Whatever the nature of your business, it’s important to put employees’ needs first. Find out what they want, from the ideal office space to the types of projects they want to be involved in. Developing better relationships with your employees can make a significant difference to your workplace, so start thinking about how you can help your employees love your company.

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