Reinvention : Giving Yourself A New Lease of Life

We all go through changes in life, and yes sometimes life can throw curveballs our way. One of the most important things to remember is that we are all capable of change. One day, you may open your eyes in the morning and think “It’s time for a whole new me” and why not? So maybe it’s time for an out with the old and in with the new attitude. Below are just a few ideas of small changes you can make in the building of the brand new you.

New You, New Wardrobe, New Attitude
The best place to start is in the wardrobe, it is after all one of the first places you visit in the morning. There is nothing more appropriate when it comes to a brand new you, than a brand new wardrobe. New clothes are in fact not just great for your attitude and confidence, they are also magical for your mental health. That’s right, retail therapy is a 100% real thing. A visual stimulus is introduced to the brain when you see something you like. So who is to stop you?  Whilst the wardrobe is taking a brand new turn, a brand new scent is also a fantastic way to make a brand new impact. People are known to associate friends and colleagues with an associative smell such as their cologne. Changing this scent enables a reassociation, even with family members who are more than a little familiar with you, pairing the new you, with a new scent will give everybody something to remember.

New Transport, New Confidence
Another way forward can be obviously a little more heavy on the bank balance but a new car can often do wonders for you, especially if you hate the car you have been driving around in for the last 5 years. Nowadays with the extra options available, new more pleasing on the eye cars are available with more cost-effective ways of purchase. Already love your car and don’t want to, or cannot afford to throw away the money on a new car? You could always make a smaller change like one of these cherished plates. Small changes not only boost your confidence, but they also help you display a more successful image. 

Go Big or Go Bigger!
One of the biggest changes anybody can make in life can be to change their job or career. This may seem quite drastic but being unhappy in the workplace is reflected at every other point of a person's life. Sometimes a huge shift is exactly what we need. Changing career can be beneficial to your attitude, work-life balance, and your mental health. After all, if a change is what you are after, 52% of people now find their life partner in the workplace. 

So that’s just a few changes you could make to give yourself a brand new you. Confidence is something that you absolutely deserve, so go out there and take it. 

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