Top Apps That Will Help You to Be More Productive

Several studies have proved that spending much time on your smartphone can be counterproductive, despite the fact that we can do more on our phones than ever before. However, not all apps are bad and some have developed with the sole intention of helping smartphone users become more productive through using their devices. Here's a rundown of a few of them.

IFTTT (If This Then That) 
If This Then That (IFTTT) is a mobile app that’s compatible with devices that run on the following operating systems: iOS, Windows and Android. As can be deduced from the name of the app itself, this app allows users to associate two programs so that they work together. It's possible though to allow one program to be more dominant than the other. Just to put the work of IFTTT into context, users can set up automatic sending of work emails while at the same time setting up weather alerts for different cities. For those who like mixing work and fun, its possible also to set up automatic sending of work emails while at the same time enjoying your favourite casino game at Novi Casino

Sleep Cycle 
Sleep Cycle is compatible with mobile devices that run on either the Android or iOS operating system. Sleep Cycle in basic terms is an alarm app. However, it differs from any other alarm in that it uses a scientific approach which helps you to wake up easier and faster through observing your nerve cells during sleep. Essentially, what this then means is that the alarm will ring when it has noticed that you are no longer in a deep sleep. 

When talking about productivity, often, only the most serious business is considered. However, being productive at times also means remembering the small things such as your workmate’s birthday or your maid’s special day. In order to help you on this front, Remindo will help users to remember all the special days, seasons and tasks that may slip out of their minds. The Remindo app allows users to group key dates and tasks in categories such as business meetings, shopping lists, birthdays, or even release dates of the next hyped about the TV show. If you don’t want to forget that key date, then make Remindo your app of choice. This app is compatible with devices that run on the Android and iOS operating systems. 

It’s becoming a norm amongst many smartphone users nowadays that when they wake up, they get to quickly visit all their social networks in order to see new updates and posts. With Flipboard, doing this is much easier as the app simply aggregates all the top updates and posts from most social networks including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This, therefore, means that all that the user must do is to open the app and he will see all his social networks’ new updates in one place. Convenience at its best. Flipboard is compatible with devices running on Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.

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