Transexual Websites Online Only For Finding a Fulfilling Relationship to Date

Humans are social creatures and never evolved to live alone. We simply cannot thrive without genuine connections with others; the old adage “no man is an island” holds a lot of truth. We have always lived in groups, even from our earliest ancestors. As we developed our knowledge and wisdom, the need for companionship became even more important, as well as more complex. Instead of just living together for survival, we have created a vast network of relationships that formed the society we know today. But despite this, the interrelationship between one to another still involves a lot of mystery. Explore the world of human interrelationships by clicking here. Dating is one of the most complex activities in this world, as it can be seen as both an art and a science. There was a time when men and women's relationships were mainly for the purpose of reproduction, family and religion were closely intertwined with “go forth and multiply” being the message in the bible, and Muslims allowing men to take multiple wives (provided he could support them equally) with a view to procreate. Even most Asian philosophies turn to family as one of the most important aspects of society. 

However, as you may have noticed, most ancient beliefs only pertained to the opposite sexes getting together. We're painted a picture of a man and woman living together with their children, there are some differences from culture to culture, but the general message remains the same. This being 'only straight men and women can achieve this optimal, 'perfect' life'. We now understand that sexuality and even gender can be seen on a spectrum- rather than just in black and white. There's still a lot of backlash and issues surrounding these notions around the world, but it is getting better. Same sex marriage is now legal in many places- read to find out more. And people have much more freedom to explore their gender identity and sexuality without fear of punishment. 

The LBBTQA+ community has been fighting for the decades to have their voices heard and recognised. After being marginalised and persecuted for so long, many countries now recognise the legality of same sex marriage and the existence of the third sex. People are not so dismissive anymore as they were in the decades prior. The LGBTQA+ people now have legal rights, and the world is becoming a much fairer place for everyone. Of course, not all countries are open to this idea but times are changing. People are now more open to the idea of them being a part of the community, and that includes dating. One of the facets of the LGBTQA+ community that still continues to be underserved are transsexuals and transgenders. There is still a lot of prejudice against people who identify this way, even though the rest of the LBBTQA+ community also experience discrimination in various ways. They can still be ridiculed for their choice of changing their assigned gender to the opposite sex and horrors about the sex change process. It's important to remember that these are people too with feelings and emotions that deserve the same respect as anyone else. They want to experience the happiness of having the right body and state of mind, and the freedom to meet and date people. 

In the new generation of dating, most of the meeting part happens online. It is usually through a special dating app which caters to a certain demographic. If gay men have Grindr and straight people have Tinder, then and other sites compiled their top picks for the best transgender dating sites. These are the places where transgender people may find their forever love if they're tired of the hookup scene. Here are some of the choices. 

This site hosts one of the largest populations of transgender women on the internet. As their domain name suggests, they focus more on transwomen and the men who love them. Most of the transwomen here are Asian but there are also other nationalities and anyone who loves them are free to join. They also promote longer relationships which can lead to marriage – perfect for people who already want to settle down. One of the biggest appeals of the website is that it is run by transwomen or lady boys. They know the struggles of finding a great relationship so they really help you out. MyLadyboyDate is also very thorough with their security measures and they review all of the profiles. They also offer free memberships to transgender women. Isn’t that amazing? 

TGPersonals has been in the transgender dating scene for almost two decades now. It speaks of their experience and expertise in helping transgender people and the people who love them find each other online. Most of the members here are actually looking for a hookup. However, that is the benefit of their profiles, which are required to be specific as y=to what you want. So if you want the leading to white picket fence type of date, then you can clearly state it on your profile. All of their perks like the instant messaging and membership is absolutely free. Why not give this one a shot? 

Now, you might be surprised that this is here on this list as this is considered as a straight website. However, they have been in the date and match scene for so many years. Their platform is also LGBTQA+ friendly. They have included a lot of their genders in their registration, and their inclusive way of dealing with members is proven to be great. OkCupid also lets you answer a lot of questions to really find the perfect one for you. It can be a long process, but OkCupid is here to find your perfect partner.

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