Top 5 Remodelling Projects For The Home

Don't change your life to fit your home- change your home to fit your life! Renovation projects allow you to adapt your home to your exact needs, make it better and even add value too if you go about things in the right way. But where should you start? Here are five fantastic project ideas to consider. 

Go open plan
Open plan layouts really maximise the space downstairs in the home. They make the most of the light coming in, so that everything feels light, bright and airy. Older homes especially tend to be full of smaller rooms which can give a property quite a claustrophobic, dark and boxed-in kind of vibe. As some walls are supporting walls (and needed for the integrity of the building) it's important that you don't just go ahead and start knocking things down yourself without planning, speak to a professional find out what exactly is safe to remove. In some cases you'll need to add reinforcements to the ceiling first, or compromise by having an archway built in the wall instead. This will give you a similar kind of 'open' feel, even if you're unable to get rid of the wall entirely. 

Add an ensuite to your master bedroom
Are you fed up of fighting with the rest of your household for the bathroom in the morning? When everyone is trying to get ready for school and work it can be a bit of a strain when you're all sharing the one bathroom. One way to resolve this if you have a large enough master bedroom is to have an ensuite created. The cost and ease of this will depend on how far away your current plumbing is, but in lots of cases it's not too difficult a job. Some stud walls and a door are put up in the corner of the room, and inside it's fully tiled and fitted with a toilet, small sink and a bath or shower depending on your preferences and the space. 

Renovate your kitchen
The kitchen is one of the most well used rooms in the home, and so it needs to be functional. If yours has seen better days and you're in a position to rip it out and start again, then you can make maxium use of the space and layout by working with a kitchen designer. However, if your budget is tighter there's lots of ways you can bring an old kitchen up to scratch. Remove cupboard doors, carefully cleaning them and painting with a cupboard paint. Paint the remaining wood that's on show and put them back up with some new handles- it's a cheap way to give a huge facelift to an old kitchen. Old fashioned tiles on the walls again can be painted, or you could pull them down and replace with a backsplash instead. These are inexpensive, can be found in all kinds of colours and designs and best of all, are easy to fit. A handyman or kitchen fitter can put up a backsplash in no time at all making them much less expensive than tiles. 

Add decking to the garden
Decking is a great choice for both small and large gardens. It looks smart and actually adds value to the home as well. If you want something low maintenence, composite decking blends wood with plastic meaning it lasts for a really long time, doesnt need sanding or staining and won't rot. Pull up your wonky old patio tiles and have some stylish decking fitted instead. Add a table and chairs and a few pots of flowers and you're ready to start enjoying your garden!

Replace downstairs carpets with hard flooring
Carpets might feel soft and cosy underfoot, but they're not the most practical choice of floor coverings. They fade in the sun, fray over time and harbour stains and smells. If you have a busy household with guests coming in and out, kids spilling things, pets traipsing mud in then carpets wont be the best choice. One worthy renovation to make is replacing carpets with hard flooring. Solid wood or a natural stone like marble or granite not only looks luxurious but will last pretty much forever. These materials work with any decor you have in the home, and can be cleaned with ease. If you want the cosiness of carpet, keep it to upstairs and implement a 'no food or shoes upstairs' rule to keep it at its best. You can always use rugs downstairs that can be washed or replaced as needed. 

Making changes like these to your home not only make it a nicer place for you to live and spend time, but you also add value too. Just make sure you're doing a good job, if you don't have the DIY skills then call in the professionals. Sites like make it easy to find the right tradespeople for the job. You have peace of mind that everything meets regulations and will last well.

What projects do you have planned for your home?

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