Guide to Online Roulette

“You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it,” Albert Einstein once said. Nevertheless, people do beat roulette tables every day and some even win big, very big. Take Newcastle United FC owner, Mike Ashley, for example. He won £1.3 million on a roulette wheel in 2008. While we can’t guarantee you such victories, we can show you how to play the game online at Cozino. So, let’s get started...

The Roulette Wheel
A roulette wheel boasts 37 pockets (US wheels contain 38) and each of these has a number printed on it (0-36). 18 pockets are red, 18 are black and the zero pocket is green (there are two in American roulette). Furthermore, the colours and even and odd numbers alternate and the wheel only spins in one direction.

The Roulette Table
Although a roulette table contains all the numbers from the roulette wheel, its numbers are printed in consecutive order. Other things written on the table include 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, even, odd, red and black. 

Types of Bets when playing online roulette
There are two main types of bets in roulette: inside bets and outside bets.Inside bets are the most rewarding bets in roulette, yet they are rarely successful. To make an inside bet, simply click on one or more numbers. If your bet on a single number (a straight up bet) comes up, you win 35 times your stake. But you’ve only a 2.7% chance of winning one of these wagers (European roulette). Meanwhile, a split bet, is a bet placed on two numbers and if the ball lands on either of your choices, you win 17 times your stake. Nevertheless, once again, the chances of one of these bets coming off are low (5.41% in European roulette). Outside bets are much safer than inside ones, so if you want to make your money last, spend more of it on these. But what exactly do we mean by outside bets? Outside bets are bets that cover a range of pockets and some of these (also known as even money bets) practically give you a 50-50 chance of success. For example, you’ve a 48.6% chance of winning a red or black bet (a bet on either of the two colours). The chances for odd/even bets (wagers on odd or even numbers) and low/high bets (bets on low or high numbers) are the same. One disadvantage with these wagers, though, is you only win 1x your bet back.

Games of roulette begin when the croupier (dealer) asks you to place bets. The dealer then throws a ball onto the spinning wheel and you can keep making bets until the croupier declares betting time over. The ball then stops on a pocket and the dealer pays out your winning bets (if you have any) and/or collects all your losing ones.

Final Thoughts on this guide to roulette games
Now that you know your way around a roulette table, why don’t you play a few free games online right now?

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